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Lalita Tademy´S Cane River And My Mom

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The story of “Cane River” follows the lives of three woman; Suzette, Philomene, and Emily. These woman experience many hardships, and tragedies throughout their lives, but through it all they still find a way for their family to prosper. I chose this story to write about because there was one woman “Cane River” that reminded me my mother. Suzettes mother Elisabeth is the one who made the lives of all these woman possible. She isn’t really mentioned, and she is kind of invisible, but has her say-so’s throughout the story. I also believe she is not understood by her daughter because to me they tend to bump heads a little in the story. This reason in particular is why Elisabeth reminds me of my mother, Diane.
My mother Diane was a very well-tempered woman, who kept to herself. Like Suzette, I didn’t know much about my mother’s background, or a lot of the pain and hardship she went through until I was older. This is when I realized why my mother conducted herself the way she did, because of all the pain she had built up inside of her from her past. For example; it was very hard to get my mother to talk during emotional situations, she was always quiet and would just mostly stare at you in silence. My mother, Diane Washington, was born in Philadelphia on October 3rd, 1966. Diane was the oldest of her four siblings, and if it’s as common as I think older siblings tend to have it harder than the others because they have to set examples, their looked up to as the protectors, and are just assigned a lot of responsibility at a young age.
My mother was always stuck watching and taking care of her younger siblings. Sometimes she would get in trouble for not making sure they stayed out of trouble. Not having her own privacy was common for her, since they lived in a small 2-story row home she had to share a room with her younger sister. She had no one to relate to in her home but her father, whom had gotten a divorce from her mother and remarried his high school sweetheart when my mom was 9 years old. Even though her parents were divorced, her father was around often and managed to give my mother the attention she needed. When he died is when my mother pulled herself into her bubble of seclusion.
Losing her father was a very devastating blow for my mother. My mother was very close to her Father, and when she was in her nearing her teen years her father passed away. I was told by my Great Uncle that his death was suspected to be a murder because there was no sign of a natural death and his new wife had bought insurance for him a month before his death, but nothing was ever investigated. I never got the whole gist of the story but I still hope to one day. This tragedy was just one of shots of pain my mother received at a young age.
It was either 1 or 2 years after her father passed away when my mother experienced her next jolting dose of pain. When she was walking home one day from school, she was struck by a vehicle. My Uncle was there, he was the second...

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