Lame Deer Experiences A Hierophany As Described By Eliade Rel 111 Assignment

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Lame Deer uses many devices in order to endure his vision quest. These specific three items are his pipe, quilt, and gourd containing his grandmother’s flesh. These items all serve to offer him comfort and connect him to the spirit world, or the sacred.
Lame Deer’s pipe serves a very important function during his vision-seeking. The pipe was passed down to him from his father and his ancestors before him. In The Sacred and the Profane Eliade states, “The three cosmic levels -- earth, heaven, underworld -- have been put in communication. As we just saw, this communication is sometimes expressed through the image of a universal pillar, axis mundi, which at once connects and supports heaven and earth and whose base is fixed in the world below.” The community is centered around the axis mundi because it connects the sacred and the profane. For Lame Deer and the Sioux nation the axis mundi is represented by the pipe. Lame Deer states, “That smoke from the peace pipe, it goes straight up to the spirit world. But this is a two-way thing. Power flows down to us through that smoke, through the pipe stem.” It also serves to provide him comfort by connecting him to his ancestors who had smoked the pipe before him.
The second item that Lame Deer receives when he goes on his vision quest is a quilt that his grandmother made for him. When he went into the vision pit he was alone and naked. The quilt was wrapped around him in order to cover him and provide him warmth. The quilt is important to Lame Deer because his grandmother...

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