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Lan Requirements Network Infrastructure For 150 Bed Maternity Ward Capella University, It2250 Research Paper

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LAN Requirements
IT2250 – Introduction to Networking
U01A1 LAN Requirements
Capella University
Project Overview
The Chief Information Officer of Health Systems, Inc., a regional hospital located outside of Washington, DC., has hired a business analyst. The business analyst is responsible for determining requirements for a new Local Area Network needed to support the 150-bed maternity ward building being built within the hospital campus. With the current networking issues, patients are being sent to another hospital that can support the network requirements of the maternity ward.
Project Requirements
This project is to design a network that can handle the caseload of what a 150-bed maternity ward building will bring. This includes monitoring/charting patient vital signs, monitoring contractions and fetus heartbeats, monitoring and administering various medications, all which should be viewable between all the rooms in the ward, and the nurses’ stations. Security is a major cause for concern, as patient confidentiality must stay confidential at all times. Another requirement to be aware of, since the hospital is on the East Coast outside of Washington D.C., be sure there is an emergency contingency plan in case of natural disasters like tropical storms.
According to West (2015), in a Local Area Network, each node on the network can communicate with others on the network. To know how to design a network infrastructure, it is required to know what type of equipment is being used. The maternity ward has 150 rooms, with this, it is known that a desktop is required in each room. A local printer is also required for each room, to print the recordings of patient contractions and fetus heartbeat. The nurses’ stations must have desktops to view individual rooms to track, when nurses need to complete other tasks. Switches are required to connect the entire local network. Determination of the amount of switches required falls upon the structure of the maternity ward. Maternity wards may have separate departments, such as; labor and delivery, post-delivery, high-risk pregnancies, and neonatal intensive care unit. If the ward is constructed this way, 4 industrial grade switches may be used,...

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