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Lancelot Essay

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Zachary MorganEnglish 12 CPMrs. Reis-Babbitt11-13-10Sir LancelotLancelot was the child of King Ban of Benwick and his wife Queen Elaine. While Lancelot was still a child, his father was at war with Ban's family's enemy Claudas de la Deserte. King Claudas attacks the Kingdom and Ban and Elaine flee with Lancelot, however when Ban looks back at his kingdom and sees it being engulfed by flames, he dies of a broken heart. While Elaine is mourning over her dead husband, Vivian, the Lady of the Lake, takes Lancelot to her mysterious kingdom, Avalon, and raises him. It is spiritual Kingdom with the Lady's court of knights. Lancelot finds companionship with his cousins who were also driven out by King Claudas. While in the kingdom he learns the tricks and the trades of battle and also the way courtly ways of chivalry.When Lancelot is around the age of 18, he is sent out onto the world by Vivian to go seek fourth King Arthur and become one of the Knights of Camelot. They reach King Arthur's Kingdom and Vivian asks for Lancelot to be knighted. The lady of the Lake's request was granted. However, as soon as Lancelot sees Queen Guinevere he becomes madly in love with her.Arthur assigned Lancelot to prove himself worthy to the court by assigning him a quest to aide the Lady Nohuat in her war against King Northumbria for her land. Lancelot accepts this quest defeats the Kings of Northumbria's champion bringing peace and ending the war. He did not wish to return to Arthur just yet as he wanted to seek more adventure. Lancelot's soon comes across a castle know a Dolorous Guard which was under the control of the Copper knight and was under a curse that anyone who comes across the castle must defeat 20 knights and the Copper Knight himself and in order to left it. Lancelot accepts this challenge and by the time he defeated all 20 knights the Copper knight fled and now the castle belonged to Lancelot and become his home. The castle was renamed to Joyous Guard and the curse was lifted. Inside the castle there was a slap that said only one knight can lift it, and his name was underneath the slab. Lancelot lifts it to discover his name underneath the slab.At this time, King Arthur was at war with King Galehaut of Surluse. Lancelot became heavily involved in the battles between the two and defeated any of Galehaut's knights. Galehaut wished to become friends with Lancelot after seeing his abilities. Lancelot agreed to become his friend only if Galehaut surrendered. Galehaut agreed and became friends with Lancelot and the king and Queen. King Arthur offered Lancelot the position of being a Knight of the Round Table for this action. This is where the relationship between Arthur, Guinevere, and Lancelot strengthens even more. It was King Galehaut who convinced Guinevere to love Lancelot and arranged the two together where Guinevere kissed Lancelot. Galehault left for his kingdom and tried to convince Lancelot to join him, but he wished to stay because his...

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