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Land For The Free: A Flawed Justice System

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Historically there is no doubt that the United States justice system is flawed. The same lawmakers who freed themselves from the hands of Britain turned around and belittle mankind based off of skin color. It is very hypocritical that Americans demanded freedom from the British, nonetheless enslaved people for over three hundred years. The United States justice system continues to fail its people, it is continued for too long and it is now the time for change. A change in the way suspects are charged, the laws that may be used in defending the charges, the pattern in judging by judges and the jury selection.
In the United States, specifically in the 1950s there was a clear division in the way of life between the North and South. Blacks in the North did not experience the severe treatment of segregations compared to that of those in the South. So when Mamie Till allowed her fourteen year old son to travel down South to spend time with his family, she did not expect that four days before her son was suppose to return to Chicago she would be reading newspapers of his death, murder. The vicious murder of Emmett Till hurt the souls of mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, uncles, aunts, cousins and grandparents no matter your race. The brutal murder of Emmett Till caused the nation, except Mississippi, to go into mourning.
Mamie Till had sent her son on a South bound train from Chicago, on August 20, 1955 for a two-week stay with family in Mississippi. On the 24th of 1955, Till, his cousins and some friends went to Bryant's Grocery & Meat Market in Money (Mays). After Till paid for his candy he left the store with a friend who had came back in after a few minutes. They continued to linger outside of the store and as Bryant walked out of the store and headed towards a car to retrieve a gun, Emmett whistled at her. Till's Mississippi cousins instantly knew that Till had broken a longstanding taboo relating to the social conduct between blacks and whites in the South. Till was ignorant to this taboo however his cousins knew that they were in crucial danger. They quickly ran to their car and sped out of the area.
On the evening of the 27th, Bryant and Milam, along with Carolyn Bryant and Johnny Washington set off in a pickup looking for their target (Mays). Bryant and Milam somehow learned that Emmett Till was staying at the home of Preacher Moses Wright. Around two to three A.M., a vehicle with headlights off pulled up in front of Preacher Wright's home. The men searched the occupied beds looking for Till, and when they found his they ordered him to get dressed and escorted him into their truck. Warning the Wrights they'd be killed if they told anyone they had come by. When he got in the car Carolyn then confirmed that they had got the right nigger. They initially intended to "just whip him...and scare some sense into him" (Mays). Willie Reed a white and green Chevrolet truck, with four white men riding in the cab and three black men standing in the...

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