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Land In Argentina Essay

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I hold tightly to my water bottle as I get turned upside down. I have been to many jungles, but none of them have had seven zip lines that turn you upside down every ten seconds.
As I get turned upside down, I notice a strange man that has been watching me closely ever since I have gotten to Argentina. I am supposed to be aware of strange people down here; a lot of people get suspicious of new people in their city. I am supposed to blend in with the people down here so nobody notices me, although it’s hard to blend in with a different Spanish accent. All Spanish countries have different accents, so it is hard to learn all of them. The man, looking as if he is my age or older, doesn’t even ...view middle of the document...

” She replies in a happy tone.
“Why would he need or even want the money of the land sold? I thought that he didn’t own land out here?”
The woman replies, “Mr. Rios doesn’t own any land, but he still claims that he does and we don’t have a good government out here, so he usually gets away with the money.”
“That is sad that he gets away with the money. Thank you for answering all of my many questions!” I say with a sincere laugh.
I walk away quickly so the woman doesn’t get suspicious of me since I do not know very much about their city or government. I don’t know why Mr. Rios would get the money, but I am going to put a stop to it soon. My company has to go through a lot of hard work to pull off the hotel we are going to build down here, and I am not going to let Mr. Rios take any money!
I exit the large forest, a humid area full of tall sticky trees, and walk on a dirt road to my small rental home. I will be staying at my small house for the next month. There is no running water, so I will have to walk into town every day to get clean water. “This is definitely not what I am used to at home,” I think to myself.
I get to my home and set down my entire luggage on the dirt floor with a thud. “I have no idea how I am going to live in this shack for a whole month!” I call my boss and tell him about Mr. Rios and how people give strange looks down here. My boss tells me to do all land business late at night and to act clueless about the land business when people come and talk to me. I tell my boss I will do my best to keep it a secret, and when I check out the land I will act like I am just exploring. I hang up the phone and climb onto a thin mat that will be my bed for the next month.
When I wake up I feel as if I am going to explode of heat! I am not used to all of the heat down here since it is winter in California and summer down in Argentina! I get dressed quickly and walk outside calmly to go to the market to get some breakfast. I got Peso’s before I left so no one will know that I am a foreigner, although I am sure that if anyone is smart enough they will find out that I do not live here. I buy a roll for breakfast and find that it is the best roll that I have ever eaten!
After breakfast I head down to the land that my company will acquire after my trip. The land, a field of weeds and dirt, is located outside of the city. I can’t see anyone in the area, so I go ahead and start to take pictures of the land, so I can email them to my boss. Out of the corner of my eye I see that Mr. Rios is watching me, so I quickly come up with an excuse of why I was taking pictures. When Mr. Rios comes towards me I start up a conversation. When we finish our conversation I am almost positive that he thinks I am just a lady visiting from the capital in Argentina and is interested in taking pictures of land.
After the conversation I head home to email the pictures to my boss, and to stay out of sight.
As I am walking home I smell...

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