Land Of The Free And Crime On The Rise

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There is no questioning the fact that violence has become ever present in today’s society. In fact, the number of violent crimes committed in the United States has increased by more than 450 percent. This is common knowledge, just ask anyone born in a previous generation. They always say, “Things are a lot different today than they were back in my day”; they would be one hundred percent correct. In the year 1991, over 24,000 murders occurred in the United States, not 24,000 crimes, but 24,000 murders. Imagine what would be the tally if all the crimes of that year were to be recorded? And who could forget the September 11th attacks of 2001, which was perhaps the greatest tragedy on American soil. Since then, America citizens became riddled with fear and the idea of a safer nation. Due to this newfound fear, police activity has been higher than over which has led to more arrest and more citizens incarcerated than ever before. Many would say that this is a great thing for the future of this country, but what many do not comprehend is that due to this level of hysteria in American citizens, many of our own falls through the cracks of our judicial system every moment of every day.
In such a violent day and age, many people turn a blind eye to the happenings of criminals in prison. Actually no, the phrase turn a blind eye is to simply put, many honestly don’t give a damn about prisoners. Many feel as if they are where they belong, and don’t give any of it a second thought. They never care to think enough about what happens to these criminals once they are released. The cold hard truth is that criminals that are released from prison endure a horrendous, and most often traumatic, experience trying to reenter common society. A revision needs to be done to the taxes that Americans pay so that a portion is used for programs that help released ex-convicts readjust to “free” life.
A crime is committed in America every seven seconds. So perhaps by the time one is done reflecting on this paper, ten or more crimes will have been committed in the United States. With crimes being that prevalent, how can one even fathom spending money to help the people who commit crime? To understand this, one must care enough to understand why crimes are committed in the first place? According to Dr. Bruce Perry, it is noted that “all human beings, like few other species, are pervasively aggressive, violent, and murderous to[wards] each other(Perry). With emphasis being put on the fact that Dr. Perry said all humans is evidence that we are all capable of committing a crime at some point in our life. If one is to disagree with this idea, all I ask is that we take a moment to reflect on the anger displayed when driving traffic, whether the anger is our own or that of our fellow drivers. Oh, I too am immediately riddled with images of cursing angry faces and extended middle fingers, enough said. If we are all capable of committing crimes, why then are we not empathetic...

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