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Land On Extraterrestrial Planet In Out Of The Silent Planet, By C.S. Lewis

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Aristotle once quoted “the ultimate value of life depends upon awareness and the power of contemplation rather than upon mere survival.” The subject of life and its value sparks much controversy and many base their beliefs regarding this issue on personal opinion. In the book, Out of the Silent Planet, by C.S. Lewis, three characters land on an extraterrestrial planet, Malacandra, to find its population consists of rational human-like beings that still resemble familiar animal life on Earth. While on this planet, Devine, Weston, and Ransom all show how they value life.
Devine, a previous school acquaintance of Ransom, only thinks of man’s value in relation to how much he could get benefit ...view middle of the document...

Believing that the superior man should always come out on top, he claims responsibility for the destiny of human race. Weston believes that life’s value depends on how beneficial it is to the human race as a whole. The value of life according these two men inevitably differs from the one they hold hostage.
Ransom, the intended sacrifice for the beings on Malacandra, values human life as a whole. He believes that all humans should fit in certain boundaries. When confronted with the thought that the hross had human attributes, the creature “became abominable- a man seven feet high, with a snaky body, covered, face and all” (Lewis 59). Yet, when Ransom saw the hross as “an animal with everything an animal ought to have- glossy coat, liquid eye, sweet breath, and whitest teeth”, he thought it belonging to Paradise (Lewis 59). He could handle the living thing when he looked at it as an animal, but when thinking of it as a human, it disgusts him. His idea of man determines what he thinks...

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