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Land Use And Misuse In The Uk

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Land use and misuse.The United Kingdom has about 24 million hectors of land. million hectors go in to agriculture7 million hectors go in to housinguilding, quarrying and waste disposal are some of the human activities that account for the rest of the land.ach year quarrying produces about 300 million tonnes of gravel, limestone, sand and sandstone for concrete and other building materials.bout 90% of household waste in the UK is dumped into a large pit in the ground this is called a landfill.Because of these things habitats are destroyed making thousands of plants and animals on the verge of extinction. Other things increase the need for land are:稥conomic development稧rowing human population稵he increasing need for foodDumping waste form long-term mining activities has a visible impact in the environment.here is about 200 million tonnes of waste living in pit heapsoke/coal-fire stations in the UK produce about 10 million tonnes of pulverised ash each year.Intensive Farming.When the population began to rise sharply in the nineteenth century it required the farming methods to become more intensive, this is when the most food is produced from the available land for growing crops (arable farming) and animals (livestock farming)When the intensive methods of farming are applied:oThe removal of hedges to make huge fields to maximise offence. This destroys the natural habitat of many wild creatures, and can cause soil erosion.oLoss of scenery, meadowlands, flowers, fields of grass, tree topped hills and country lanes are swept away.oCareless use of fertilizers pollutes rivers and lakes, making them green and slimy.oPesticides disturb food chains and reduce insect, bird and mammal populations.Most of the bread that we eat comes from cereals that have been grown by intensive methods. When the same type of plant is grown over a large area it is called monoculture. Chemical fertilizers have been applied to make the plants stronger and larger, also to make them grow faster. Chemical pesticides have been used: insecticides have been sprayed to kill insect pests and herbicides have been applied to kill weeds. These chemicals cost money and the farmer has to balance out the amount of money he spends on them and the amount he is making.Most of the pork beef and chicken we eat are produced intensively. When livestock are bred using these methods they are ready for slaughter earlier. This is because they are not free to graze and given fodder, the lack of excursive makes them gain weight.Battery hens are kept in artificial heat; light humidity, ventilation and availability to water are controlled. As many as a million hens are put into 1 poultry shed. This is done to...

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