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Landfills Essay

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I'm in a bind... He's a really cool guy...Nitrate Contamination of Groundwater Poses a Serious Health ThreatNitrates contamination of the world's underground water supply poses asa potentially serious health hazard to the human inhabitants on earth.High nitrate levels found in well water has been proven to be the cause fornumerous health conditions across the globe. If we intend to provide forthe future survival of man, and life on planet earth, we must take actionnow to assure the quality of one of our most precious resources, ourunderground water supply.Ground water can be defined as the water stored in the open spaceswithin underground rocks and unconsolidated material (Monroe and Wicander420). Ground water is one of the numerous parts that make up thehydrologic cycle. The primary source of water in underground aquifers isprecipitation that infiltrates the ground and moves through the soil andpore spaces of rocks (Monroe and Wicander 420). There are also othersources that add water to the underground aquifer that include: waterinfiltrating from lakes and streams, recharge ponds, and wastewatertreatment systems. As groundwater moves through the soil, sediment, androcks, many of its impurities are filtered out. Take note, however, thatsome, not all, soils and rocks are good filters. Some are better thanothers and in some cases, serious pollutants are not removed from the waterbefore it reaches the underground supply.Now that we have a good working definition of what groundwater is, andwhere it comes from, just how important is it? Groundwater makes up about22% of the worlds supply of fresh water. Right now, groundwater accountsfor 20% of all the water used annually in the United States. On a nationalaverage, a little more than 65% of the groundwater in the United Stateseach year goes to irrigation, with industrial use second, and third isdomestic use (Monroe and Wicander 420). Some states are more dependent ongroundwater for drinking than others. Nebraska and the corn belt statesrely on underground water for 85% of their drinking needs, and in Florida90% of all drinking water comes from underground aquifers (Funk and Wagnall2). People on the average in the United States require more than 50gallons of water each day for personal and household uses. These includedrinking, washing, preparing meals and removing waste. A bath in a bathtubuses approximately 25 gallons of water and a shower uses about l5 gallonsper minute of water flow while the shower runs. Just to sustain humantissue requires about 2.5 quarts of water per day. Most people drink abouta quart of water per day, getting the rest of the water they need from foodcontent. Most of the foods we eat are comprised mostly of water: forexample, eggs, are about 74% water, watermelon 92%, and a piece of leanmeat about 70%. Most of the beverages we drink are also mostly comprisedof water, like milk, coffee, tea and soft drinks. And the single largestconsumer of water in the United States, is...

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1842 words - 7 pages waste per person, per day. According to data from the EPA, about 35% of that is paper, 30% include yard trimmings and food scraps. Over 11% is plastic, 8% is metal, and the remainder contains wood, rubber, glass, and textiles. The main problem that we have is overflow of landfills. On top of this problem, there is a factor of contamination and pollution that carries on with garbage disposal. Because of this dilemma, we need solutions to these

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927 words - 4 pages environmental concerns. The government does require management of all siting waste facilities through the neighboring municipalities and there is also the impact of what is called the NIMBY syndrome that is making siting of MSW facilities difficult to acquire. Landfill shortages due to “Not In My Backyard” ideas create waste disposal issues and when MSW Landfills do not follow regulations it makes the NIMBY syndrome even stronger in idea and policy

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952 words - 4 pages 2.1 Global trends to combat dumping To date, very important is the question of safe disposal of waste. Back in 1992 at the International Forum in Rio de Janeiro , this problem has been called one of the main problems of mankind. Increased interest in this issue is caused by an increase in the annual volume of waste produced in the world ( so far ), and the tangible results of their disposal in landfills or burning in the open. As a result of

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734 words - 3 pages The traditional method of disposing of waste is to dump the waste into landfills. Landfills are huge bathtubs for garbage, where deposited wastes are compacted, spread into thin layers, and covered with clay. The modern landfills are lined with multiple layers of clay, sand and plastic before garbage is dumped into them (Basics of Landfills). These protective liners are suppose to prevent liquids from percolating into the ground waters. The

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550 words - 2 pages surprise you and that you've probably never heard about landfills, natural resources, and energy conservation. Transition:     Everyone has seen or heard people saying that ?we are running out of landfill space and that they are polluting our environment.? BODY: I.     This statement is not true. a.     Firstly, we are not in danger of running out of landfill space. According to Jay Lehr PhD, in the April issue of public policy magazine

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1228 words - 5 pages In 2011, the Environmental Protection Agency estimated that Americans generated 250 million tons of municipal solid waste, MSW1, of which only 87 million tons were recycled or composted (“Municipal Solid Waste”, 1). This value, however, does not represent the total amount waste generated by the United States since MSW only accounts for 2 percent of total waste generated. As more trash is generated, space to construct more landfills becomes an

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