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Landscape Architecture Essay

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Architecture began since the beginning of man. Have you ever driven by a building and thought, who would even think to create that? Architecture is one of the oldest professions in the world. Engineering goes back further than the great pyramids. Kings, Rulers, and people will always want something new to be designed and seen built. Architects are not artists. Architects always as a profession to look at the demands of the people at large, architects have to address building technology and programming. Architecture has been around for a long time.
Architecture is always evolving in materials and construction methods out there. Before people recorded history, and time, people designed and ...view middle of the document...

This degree is a Bachelor of Architecture, Master of Architecture or Doctor of Architecture degree. Generally going the Bachelor’s route is a 5 year program and a Master of Architecture takes 2-3.5 years depending on your undergraduate education (“NAAB Website”). The internship is a process that takes a minimum of 3 years during which the intern completes the Intern Development Program through NCARB.
The last requirement for licensure is the completion of a series of exams. The Architectural Registration Exam is a series of 7 tests over approximately 34 hours ("Summary."). The exams cost $1470, the exams can be taken at your own pace and the pass rate for each section is about 70% (“NAAB Website”). Architects have a responsibility to be creative and open to new things.
To be an architect there are special traits that they demand. Mark Hamilton said “To be a good architect you should be: Creativity + Pragmatism, Interest in cultures, traditions and other discipline, Obsession and passion, Confidence, Persistence, Imagine and create experience (vs. just visualizing spaces), Adapt to change, Attention to both micro and macro, Social, marketing and networking skills, Easygoing personality” (Hamilton). Jason Prior a Landscape Architect said "Landscape architecture is an extraordinary blend of science and art, proposition and thought (Jason).” Just like most Occupations theirs pros they have their cons of the career. If companies are doing well and people are earning money, they want to build new offices, houses, malls, restaurants, etc. Being an architect is really great during these times. If the economy is bad, cutting capital investments will save a lot of money. This means less work for architects. Layoffs are common in architecture firms during hard times.
Architecture requires a long training period, comparable to professions in medicine and law. The minimum training period is 8 years, which includes a 5-year bachelor degree and 3 years of internship (Furuto). If you opt for the Master of Architecture, add a year or two to the overall total. Also, IDP (Intern Development Program) is notorious for taking longer than 3 years. And then there’s the ARE (Architect Registration Exam).
One of the biggest complaints of architects is the pay. It’s not terrible, but it’s much lower than other professions with similar training and licensing requirements. Architecture requires long hours with lots of overtime. Even after you’re done with school, projects often require late nights as big deadlines approach. puts the median income for entry-level architects just over $42,000 and the median...

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