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Lane Smith, Why Executions Should Be Public

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Execution why it needs to be public. Executions being public because it would change the amount of crime committed on the streets, and it would strike fear into the country’s population. Public executions would also help save the taxpayers’ money. Having executions like this would also change the prison population throughout the country. Executing people publicly would bring some closure to the families that were hurt by the suspect being executed. Executions should be public because it would be a crime deterrent, it would save taxpayers’ money, and reduce population in the prison system.

Public execution would put fear into the country’s population. If public execution was legal citizens ...view middle of the document...

(Isay) If the public got the justice that they desired there would be less courtroom/courthouse murders at trials. (Isay) With the fear in the general population the government could let people do things more freely.

Public execution would save taxpayers’ money if it were legal. The executions could save money by having less prisoners. It would save money by not paying for the food and other supplies the inmates need to live in prison. With less prisoners that means less crime with less crime there would be less police officers on duty that get paid with taxpayers’ money. If there was less crime on the streets the money could be put to the better society we would have and that would exist in this country. It would also save money by not granting them the requests they have such as: surgeries that are not needed and other unnecessary requests. (Reggio) It could save money by stopping the use and purchase of new execution needles. (Isay) By not using the needles the taxpayers’ be able to pay for cheaper means of execution such as: hanging, shooting, beheading, stoning, pendulum, burning at the stake, and crucifixion. (Reggio) The money would be saved by doing it in public not in a special room. (Isay) By not executing the inmates/criminals in the room the execution room would not even need to be built this would save much of the taxpayers’ money. It would be saved by not buying the medication to execute them. Public execution would save from having to find the veins and spending money on buying equipment to do it. (Isay & Smith) The needles and meds are too wasteful for taxpayers’ money. (Isay & Smith) The meds and needles cannot be reused in any execution and have to thrown away, and by throwing these away the tools used in the executions are wasted. With the money taxpayers save...

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