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Language, A Reflection Of Culture Essay

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Socialization is ‘the means by which social and cultural continuity are attained’. (Macionis, Gerber, 2010) The process of socialization can be classified as primary socialization that is based on the environment of home and family, also secondary socialization that based on the experiences from society and knowledge from school. Be undergoing the process, as members of the society, we have been taught to become more effective and responsible. It makes us different with the ones who from different societies. During the studying of our first language, we keep learning the values, culture and backgrounds of our society behind the language. In the meantime, as we using the language, we ...view middle of the document...

As Hofstede (cited in Chen, Starosta, 1998) point out that in the high power distance country, “the differences of age, sex, generation, and status are usually maximized.” So no matter in class or after school, the different status of student and teacher are always been emphasized in Chinese society.

Anther example in China could be the way we call the elders, such as aunt, aunty,grandfather and grandmother. I was taught by my parents to greet with the words aunt and aunty to those who have similar age as them. It does not mean that we are blood relatives; those people may just friends or colleagues of my parents. Even I have not met them before.

My parents told me I have to call someone in that way since I was born, but the first time I remembered was when I was about 8 or 9 years old, aunt Wang, a high school student of my mother, visited my family. I was playing with my dog and I didn’t want to call him aunt, because I didn’t know him, we haven’t met before. I remembered that my mother was not happy about me, she came to me and taught me I have to say hello aunt Wang, how are you. She said it is the way to be a good child with good manner, and she wanted I and our family could leave a good impression to her friend. My parents were kept teaching me to call their other friends aunt or aunty until I can great them without their mention.

Firstly, Greet some with aunt or aunty is just a common way to show your respect to others in China. As before I mentioned China as a high power distance country, the difference of age in China is usually maximized. (Hofstede, cited in Chen, Starosta, 1998) In this situation, aunt did not only represent the family relations. It told us that aunt Wang was older than me, and I have shown my respect to him through the way I calling him.

It is also a way to notice other people this child was well educated by this family. My mother told me she asked me to call her friend aunt Wang, because she wanted to show her friend I was well educated by her, she wanted to win the respect from her friend....

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