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Language And Gender In Disney Essay

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08/11/2013Charlotte (Charlie) Freydefont 11LiSEnglish Language and LiteratureGemma MarkhamLanguage and gender Disney ControversiesRationaleIn class we looked at language and gender, talking about how not only advertising companies use genders and sexual reference to attract the crowd they where looking for, but also criticize other companies for this same reason. Disney movies have been denounced for this motive. I particularly related with the discussions about these subliminal messages, because I have grown up and been raised by the morals that the stories bring to young children. The secret messages that have thought to be imbedded in the movie also show a different perspective to the innocent outlook that I am supporting. I will take a few alleged cases that are assumed to be indecent, and explain them. I also want to find the reason why Disney animations show any messages at all.I have decided to write this task as an opinion column, this writing style is an article that expresses personal or simply different viewpoints of an issue. Following conventions, I will use the simple article structure, such as a headline, and subheading and an image with a caption.Regarding the tone of this piece, I would like to make it almost colloquial with some aspects of a professional tone with humor to inform and have credibly but still remain congenial and make the reader comfortable. This would allow the text to be well received and more widely acceptedI would like this text to be intended for a more adult audience, as this topic is more mature, however I would still like my piece to be light and interesting, therefore, I would like to involve images and more common language. To make my piece interesting to the older audience I would still use more complex lexis and common references, as a shared field of reference, by assuming that my audience has some prior knowledge about Disney films, and the company.The purpose of the text I want to write is to convey the still messages of the Disney movies by making the audience be trust worthier and not of face everything with doubt and suspicion. I would like the people would read this to take thing as they are and not to over analyze every detail in day-to-day life, things are usually as they seem.Word Count: 374Written Task.I don't know about you, but when I look back on my early days, I remember the Saturday nights with my dad's home baked scones and my family and I would all fit in too our couch in front of our TV watching Pocahontas or Cinderella or The Little Mermaid. Thinking back, that was the same scenario we where in last weekend. The very popular Disney Company started in 1923 and have to this day more than 300 timeless animated movies. The classics that most of us grew up with and have been raised by, all share one simple target, the goal of the founder of the company, Walt Disney. Creating stories to bring out the innocence and the freedom of a child in an adult. Walt Disney was quoting as saying "I do...

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