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Language And Power Of Literature Class Essay

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Certified that this Project report titled “A STUDY ON PERFORMANCE EVALUATION OF SELECTED MUTUAL FUNDS IN INDIA” at GEOJIT FINANCIAL SERVICES LTD., CHENNAI is the bonafide work of Mr. HARI R. (reg. no:211615631025) who carried out the Project work under my supervision. Certified further that to the best of my knowledge the work reported here in does not form part of any other project report or dissertation on the basis of which degree or award was conferred on an earlier occasion on this or any other candidate.
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I am privileged to do my project study entitled “A STUDY ON PERFORMANCE EVALUATION OF SELECTED MUTUAL FUNDS IN INDIA” at GEOJIT FINANCIAL SERVICES LTD., Chennai. Indian Financial System was rejuvenated with the introduction of multiple financial institutions, financial services and financial instruments in the post LPG era. This process has opened doors to the private business entities also to start new financial institutions and offer various financial services and instruments. One such institution was mutual funds. Many a number of private corporate houses have started mutual funds immediately after government / SEBI permission. Mutual fund is a scheme in which several people invest their money for a common financial goal. When investors invest in a mutual fund, they are buying units or portions of the mutual fund and thus on investing becomes a unit holder of the fund. The mutual fund will have a fund manager who is responsible for investing the gathered money into capital market, debt and the money market, which they earned, is divided based on the number of units which they hold. The biggest advantage to mutual funds is diversification, by minimizing risk & maximizing returns. In the current study 10 top performing Mid Cap & Small Cap Mutual Funds schemes offered by various mutual fund institutions are selected to make a comparative study on the risk and return offered by these funds. Performance analysis of the mutual funds with other mutual funds and the study on the various schemes are done with Statistical tools like Standard deviation,...

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