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Language And The Culture: Language Learning Through The Culture Of The Target Language

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Language and the Culture
: Language learning through the culture of the target language

Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Winter spring 2010

Language and the Culture
: Language learning through the culture of the target language
As language and culture are interrelated, so that language cannot be taught without culture (Maria, 2002). How many people learn a culture of the target language when they learn a language? Can you say the person who is perfect at one language can fully understand the culture of the language? I would say the one who is perfect at the target language could not be perfect at the culture, but he or she would be better at learning language if they learn in the culture friendly environment.

Learning a new language takes long time, I am the one who believe that immersed in the target language’s culture is the most efficient way to learn a new language. I am an example of that believe, after I graduate my high school, I thought that learning a new language will be essential at the future, so that I started to learn English from January 2006. Learn a new language was not easy, because I had merely exposure in the target language before I started to learn. One day, I saw a poster that inform about a Work Camp, which I can do a volunteer service in the Europe. I was thinking that I could improve my English in there, because all the people in the camp from all different countries and the official language were English. I apply as a renovation of an art museum in Eupen, Belgium held by UNICEF (the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund).
I could not speak in English as fluently as now. I was a beginner level in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. I could not understand what they were they asking me at the first day, but as time goes by, I was totally immersed in English twenty-four hours during three weeks. The culture around me was all westerns’; people, food, music, house, city, etiquette, shopping mall, and festival. Some of them were European’s but the language was in English.
Five days later, I started to understand what they meant and I could answer what I want. It was amazing when I realized that I had a conversation with foreigners. Look back the time, everyone speak in English to me, and there was not any language that I could talk expect English, also the culture was westerns’.
After the Work Camp, I got confidence in English, also myself, and. I started to travel other countries; Swiss, Australia, and America. Most of all was English speaking countries. I stayed with local people, and exposure in their culture; go travel with local friends, attend at the party, try local food, went to traditional festival, spend time and talk with local people. My English has been improved a lot; I could not imagine that I will write a research paper in English when I started...

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