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Language Barriers And Customer Service Essay

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Language Barriers and Customer Service"Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it" (Customer Service). The reason customer service is called customer service is because the customer is the key to success. Baderman Island Resort provides many amenities for their guests; exemplary customer service however, is not one of them. The process to be analyzed is customer service; specifically how language barriers can create unsatisfied customers for Baderman Island. The need for multi-lingual employees at the resort is clear. The chart that the reader will see outlines the good and bad results that could occur depending on the satisfaction of the customer. The reader will also learn the where the opportunities for improvement are within the process as well as the quality management tools that can be used to improve the process. Many people within an organization or group, like this team, think along the same lines. This is evident in the summary of the simulation exercise found at the end of this paper.The Customer Service Process at Baderman IslandThe largest problem encountered during analysis of the customer service process at the Island is a language barrier between the staff and the guests. Customer service is one of the few processes that changes can be made as the process is happening. Each process is a unique and immediate occurrence, so the ability to pre-check for errors is impossible. A vacation resort that advertises around the world, like Baderman Island must be prepared for language barriers that will come up and deal with them with the same attitude of service that any other customer would expect. While these customers require additional service, it should not appear that the process is out of the ordinary.The strategic implications of the inability to service the customers should be an unacceptable process. Baderman Island resort must determine how to fill in the gap in the process so that customers with a language barrier can be helped just as any other customers. The strategic plan is to make Baderman Island a resort that guests can be completely served on, and this includes accommodating the communication process in several different languages.The external customers who would benefit from process improvement would be the guests that visit the resort. They would not have to feel isolated because of the language barrier and could enjoy the amenities the resort has to offer. Investors to the island would also benefit because they could then market the resort to many different countries if the language issue could be resolved. The internals customer is a customer who helps an employee to get his job done (Earl, 2007, ¶ 3). Being able to improve this process would benefit nearly anyone who has contact with the guest. There would be a quicker flow of communication resulting with a satisfied guest and employees (internal customer) who would feel more empowered and less...

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