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Sheenagh Pugh and Carol Ann Duffy are two poets that have written many poems on the topic of language using linguistic features to enhance meaning and depth. In this essay, I am going to discuss the similarities and differences in how they portray this theme on the reader and the effects it creates. I am going to create an in depth analysis of three poems with this theme, two written by Carol Ann Duffy and the other by Sheenagh Pugh.

The first poem I am going to discuss is 'Poet for Our Times' written by Duffy; which expresses her views about prejudice and how society has changed along with 'the poems of the decade'. The headlines used throughout the poem indicate very prurient and ...view middle of the document...

Another headline that uses emotive language in this poem is 'immigrants flood in, claims Heathrow watcher'. This also uses several linguistic features to provoke a response from the reader such as the metaphor 'flood in' which could connote that the 'immigrants' are going to 'flood' the country and objectifies them as nothing more than water. This implies no differentiation between the two and is a very critical statement. 'Heathrow' airport is also a iconic part of this nation, therefore the usage of this word could be patriotic as it is a flagship airport; allowing the pride of the nation to seep through the headline. The fact that it is being 'watched' could connote secrets being revealed and that it is a very protected part of our nation that the 'immigrants' have no right 'flooding' in to. Again, Pugh uses the comparison of rose names to also hint towards the absurdity in the change of acceptable language. The rose name 'sexy rexy' is an example of juxtaposition by contrasting sexy and anorexia together. Which is a bad image to give to the youth of today. This highlights the importance of language used and how we should maintain good and meaningful language over time. Both of these poems highlight the importance of language on an everyday basis and how it can affect other members of society when not used correctly or in a well educated manner. Both Pugh and Duffy portray the high moral values of language used in the past compared with today's language and how meaningless it has become.

Another poem with the theme of language is 'Weasel Words' which takes a different approach by using several different metaphors throughout the poem such as the 'weasel' representing a political party and by using the words 'slurp', 'hear' and 'weasel laughter'...

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