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Language Extinction Essay

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Two reasons to be concerned about language extinction
The death of a language is more complex than it may sound. It does not involve the loss of only the words, grammar, sentence structure or the loss of the cultures of the community involved but it has adjacent effects. Language expresses exclusive knowledge concerning the cultures. To start with, extinction of a language leads to loss of people’s history. As well known the linguists studies people’s origin by studying their original language. Therefore, when a language becomes extinct it becomes hard to trace peoples’ history. People are left with numerous questions related to their origin. Death of elders in the community acts as a threat to the continuation of oral traditions. This means that the upcoming generation will lack most of the teachings passed to them by their elders through the word of mouth. Failure of teaching this children means that most ...view middle of the document...

Globalization has greatly facilitated to loss of community norms. They have become insignificant to many since they are applicable to a small portion of people and they cannot be incorporated in the global trend. The death of elders means the end of teachings to the young generation. Through oral traditions, the young generation received many teachings, which always made them behave in accordance to the community norms. Children were taught how to behave in presence of elders and when they were alone. They were held responsible of their behaviors.
Two reasons why we shouldn’t be too concerns about language extinction
Language extinction should not appear like a tragedy to us. It also brings some advantages to people. Language extinction is exclusively part of societal progress. When a language dies, it is replaced by another one, which is understood by more people unlike the first one. This facilitates greater understanding among people of different communities. These understandings create peaceful coexistence among the people. People living in harmony are able to promote development through selling ideas among themselves. They have a lot to exchange other than leaving reserved in their community. People incorporate the positive aspects and cultures in their own leaving the negative ones. Introduction of a common language becomes essential due to rapid globalization. Through internet, the world has become one village. It therefore calls for introduction of a global language or a manageable number of languages. This is seen as the only way of making people understand each other all over the world. On the other hand, political targets of creating a common state make it necessary to have a common language, which will bring people together as one state. A national language acts as a symbol of unity in a state. Leaders are able to give a speech to the multitude of different tribes using a common language. For this reason, development of a common language is highly encouraged.

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