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Language In The English Classroom Essay

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Mrs. Scully read “The Crucible” from Arthur Miller with her English 3 students. While this play is supposed to be an allegory of the communist witch-hunt that existed in the 1950s era, it is still relevant in showing where intolerance and lies can lead. The teacher gave the students a study guide at the beginning of class and a newspaper like flyer, which included important background facts in order to understand the play. Some students in the class volunteered and read the newspaper articles aloud, such as the first one stating the date, the location and the circumstances, including an emphasis on religion, in Puritan Salem, Massachusetts. The students found reading aloud a bit pointless at first, but when they volunteered for the roles and started reading the first act together, the change in the classroom mood was tangible. They have been reading “The Crucible” for a few days and I was able to observe how different classes react to and act out the play. All classes enjoyed reading it aloud, after starting and getting into the play. One student in particular was acting the reverend’s role, the words on the page came alive, and the students could suddenly identify with the man to achieve a greater understanding of him. They realized that Proctor and Abigail must have had an affair from one word spoken in the play, and really were interested in it. After initial grumbling, the students enjoyed reading the play and were able to make connections to it, which they would not have, if it had only been assigned as homework. Several students seemed surprised to discover their voice and their acting talent. It also gave them greater understanding of the characters and their perils that they were facing. It helped them to understand the historical period and they were interested in difficult vocabulary words, such as “incubi” and “succubi.”
It is important to be able to speak and listen, especially in a career and equally in daily life, therefore fostering those skills should be included in the English curriculum. I would have smaller group...

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