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Language In The Last Night Of The Earth Poems By Charles Bukowski

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The language in “The Last Night of the Earth Poems” by American poet Charles Bukowski does not contain strong metaphors nor deep structured rhymes, therefore his poetic stories, which are instant pictures from Bukowski’s perspective, can be understood easily since the reader knows what people are going through in their life. As a result of this, the author could express his ideas smoothly. The enjambments, unnatural line break that is used by poets to excite the readers, through Bukowski’s poetry makes the reader wonder how the next line in a poem is going to be. He also makes the readers read the rest of the poem as well as the book. The poet prefers to use unexpected line breaks because he ...view middle of the document...

“dinner, 1933”, “hand-outs”, “car wash”, “no sale” and “fan letter” are some of the title examples that are in the book.
Bukowski’s focus point is more on the story than the strong metaphors. But this doesn’t mean that Bukowski never uses strong metaphors nor there are no metaphors in his poetry at all! Here are some average metaphor examples from the book: “I drained/ a third of it/ with all the disciples/watching.” the lines are from the poem “two toughs”. “Toughs” here Bukowski refers to his good old times, and calls himself and his friend that way because they were “two bullies” back in time with his friend, Jed, in L.A.C.C. “all the disciples” are Bukowski’s and Jed’s “timid friends” that were scared from both guys. Apart from this two metaphors, there is also one example of synecdoche. Synecdoche is a figure of speech, which is used to refer a piece as a whole or vice versa. “a third of it” Bukowski refers to the whiskey in a metal liquor bottle that Jed had handed him from his “rear pocket”.
His another focus point is about not using deep structured rhymes. Music factor shows up sometimes with the end rhymes but considering...

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