Language Intuition In English Language Teaching

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1. Introduction
English language study requires learners mastering several parts including phonology, grammar, vocabulary etc. Among them, grammar studying plays an increasingly vital role in English language learning in secondary school. Generally, the traditional way of teaching involves a teacher-commanding class which teacher spent half class on the certain grammar points and using exercises to evaluate whether students fully master them. However, the old approach usually results in a class s filled with bored and exhausted students who may give wonderful result in tests but failed in communicating events. Since language functions on communicating, new teaching method should consider this purpose more than in the old days.
As Wu (2012) mentioned, there's no agreed-upon method of teaching English conditionals so far. Consequently, the research of new and personal approach is going to be made through this proposal.

Language intuition has long been discussed in English language teaching. Also known as sense of language, the definition comes from According to Terrence(1998),he indicates the definiton of intuition refers (rather vaguely) to the presence of feelings and affective states in their non-quantitative dimension by the theory of Shanahan. However, the use of intuition in language teaching is seldom discussed among western scholars. On the contrary, in the field of language studies, it is commonly mentioned by Chinese linguistics. Li&Ma&Wang(2006) promoted that “The intuition of language is the direct capacity of sense. It comes from the long term of language studying and practicing.” They also indicated that the intuition could help language studying and preforming more efficiently.

The gap in the previous literature is quite obvious for most of them focus on the theory only without the associating with practice. Meanwhile, the evaluation of use of language sense in grammar teaching is not concluded. In addition, an education research on students’ feedback could hardly be found which means nearly all the studies emphasize on the teachers’ angle to conduct the theory instead of the other important role in English language teaching, the students.

This research proposal targets not only the teachers but also students and the school administrators. For the active role in the class, teachers may adjust their teaching methods to improve teaching efficiency. In another aspect, they could get access to student’s feedback and personal feelings towards the traditional teaching approach on English grammar. Since the procedure of teaching always involves the interactions between teacher and students. As for students, they may be aware of another whole new method for language studying which to some extent contributes to their studies. Moreover, the traditional approach may not be the only choice for them and individual difference could be respected. The school administrator may conduct new form of classes according to this research to enhance the...

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