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Language Of Shakespeare Essay

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William Shakespeare: A Man for all Time and Elizabethan English Language Many, if not, all plays written by William Shakespeare are written in the dialect old English which existed in the 15th century and 16th century. Many words of old English were used then as everyday language and are still used in modern today with the same meanings to them. However, some words from old English are not used any more as they were used in the time. Words such as ¡¥thy¡¦, ¡¥thou¡¦, ¡¥thee¡¦, ¡¥prithee¡¦, ¡¥tis¡¦, etc. etc. were some of the many vocabularies the English used in their day. It displayed their intellect, noble/royal positions in government, and their respect for one another. However, curse words began and grew from the depths of poverty. People of lower class who hated the high class of authority showed their hatred towards anything they disliked by using curse words. Old English¡¦s structure of language is very different from Modern 20th century English.There was a high contrast of position in the 15th and 16th century. The high class physically morally separated from the low class. Third person relations are used when personal reference occurs. In the play ¡¥Julius Caesar¡¦, Caesar repeatedly mentioned his own name, referring to himself as the most powerful, the wisest, and the most high, for he was all those and more. It is an indirect way of referring to oneself, while ensuring that you don¡¦t mistakably show your selfish trait of character. Not every knight is a lord; not every lord is a knight. It is best not to say ¡¥My Lord¡¦ to anyone not so entitled. ¡¥Your Grace¡¦ belongs properly only to royal blood: the queen, dukes, and visiting princesses. The children of a knight, baron, or viscount have no titles at all. Children are taught to address their parents as ¡¥Sir¡¦ and ¡¥Madam¡¦, or my ¡¥lord¡¦ and ¡¥my lady¡¦. A noble child refers to my lady mother and the lord my father. If you are not noble, you may wish to address those above you as ¡¥Your Worship¡¦, ¡¥Your Honour¡¦, or ¡¥Your Lordship/Ladyship¡¦. Certainly, position was very important in Shakespeare¡¦s time. It was just as important to live up to your position with your language and vocabulary.Today¡¦s everyday language has evolved into slang and curse words ¡¥especially¡¦ if you are of a high position, or at least that¡¦s the way of the teenage and adolescence years. Does this somehow mean that even the most high position of people have become...

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