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Languages Of Punjabi Essay

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Languages of Punjabi
Punjabi is not just only their race but it is also their spoken language and it is originated around the 11th century and it is the heir of sauraseni prakrit. This language also can be called as Indo-Aryan and this one main language is mostly spoken from about 100 million people that are primarily from the East Punjab which is in India and also in West Punjab which is in Pakistan.
Although both of these two nations speak in the same language but they have different ways and form of writing the alphabet. For example, In India Punjabi, normally it is written using the Gurmukhi alphabet, On the other hand, while the Punjabi in Pakistan, generally it is written with a different version which is called the Urdu alphabet also can be known as the Shahmukhi. Nevertheless, both of these two nations of India as well as Pakistan has a standard way of writing Punjabi and it is known as the Majhi, which is named that comes after the region of Majha.
Now here is some information of background of the Gurmukhi alphabet. The Gurmukhi alphabet is an alphabet that was established and influenced from the Landa alphabet and during the 16th century, these alphabets were all standardised by Guru Angad Dev Ji. Moreover, the name Gurmukhi has a meaning to it and it is basically means "from the mouth of the Guru" and this came from an old Punjabi word which is called the guramukhi. It is written from left to right horizontally just the language English.

Furthermore, on a greater depth of the Shahmukhi alphabet, whereby these alphabets are basically from a version called the Urdu alphabet and it is used to be written in Punjabi in the nation of Pakistan. It is usually written in the style of Nastaʿlīq and it since then this style has been used during around the 20th century. The name Shahmukhi also has a meaning to it and it is basically means "from the King's mouth". However, instead of writing from left to right, the...

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