Laptops And Sports Fandom Essay

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Laptops and Sports Fandom
Advancement and innovation of laptops have a huge impact on the development of fandom culture in all parts of the world. Fandom is a general term that is used to describe a subculture whereby it is composed of a group of people called fans and they are characterized by a feeling of sympathy and camaraderie with other people who for a given period share a common interest. These fans tend to spend their valuable time in finding some fine details of the objects of their own fandoms. It usually develops centered in certain areas of the activities of human beings. The main subjects may be aimed at things such as individual celebrity, hobby's genres, and ...view middle of the document...

Many people in today’s world have the access of smart phones, laptops, iPads and also the computers whereby they can use the internet to converse with other fans and also share forums to discuss some information concerning a given sport which they have a common interest (Wagg, S. 2009). Looking at both quantities and qualitative aspect many sports fans interact in this forum as give moral support to their favorite clubs and this provide understanding of the meditated sports in the lives of the sports fans (Werner, E. A. 2006). Many sports and clubs are situated in America and European countries but due to availability of the new technology, it has drastically increased globally.
On the other hand, availability of the satellite technology has enabled many people to have an interest in these sports since they can be able to follow a live game very kilometers away from their homes by use of laptops. This laptop technology also offers the fans a chance to express his or her own views in forums such as predictions of results in a particular game and his or her view about it. When the fans of a particular sport identify with it, they always develop very extreme feelings that those who tend to identify weakly in a team. This support to a given team has some behavioral consequences whereby the fans may experience sympathy, post game results, enjoyment and pleasure, excitement and, loyalty, and finally pro –social behavior. (Wagg, S. 2009). The effects of a given study show that games and sports play a very vital role in the emotional reactions of sports fans. This mostly happens to those who have a great passion and identification to set game. Regard to those who deeply and psychologically attach themselves to a given club or team there are different emotions that can come in them depending on the success or the failure of their teams. A fan can be so happy and joyful when the team gets a win, but this changes drastically to sorrow when the same team loses. Most fans who identify themselves to a given club or sport seem have a vast knowledge of the club and the sport in general since they can be able to give a detailed history of the club, players coaches, successes and failures. (Werner, E. A. 2006)
The innovation of laptop technology and use of internet has also led to the establishment of blogs that have continued to be prominent with many fans in all parts of the world. These blogs passionately are seen to provide some alternative media space when they are in comparison to more established publications. With the recent explosion where by many people have access to the Internet, more sport fans get a platform in which they can be able to express their passion with sports. In this age where by scores and statistics can be shared in a very short time, fans of a given sports can use cyberspace to play out fantasies by creating leagues and teams and measuring their skills against other fans (Wagg, S. 2009). This fantasy sports league is composed of a...

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