Laptops And Tablet Vs Old Fashioned Textbooks

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Many people argue that textbooks should not be replaced by tablets and laptops due to the technical disadvantages that they can sometimes have, however, if they take a look at the valuable advantages these devices can have they would probably change their opinions. I believe that textbooks should be replaced by tablets and laptops due to the fact that they are convenient, simple to use, and could provide more information than the textbook if connected to the internet.
First and Foremost, tablets and laptops are way more convenient than textbooks. Most textbooks, especially high school textbooks, are heavy compared to a laptops or a tablet and cannot be placed in small places. Tablets and laptops can easily be stored in your backpack or carrying bag. You can store a large number of books on a tablet. You would not have to carry around more than one book. For instance, if you are a bookworm you can store and read over 100 plus books anywhere at any time. You would not have to worry about a light if you read in the dark. The light from the tablet’s screen will allow you to read during night and day. With a book you would need a flashlight to see the text in the dark. You would not have to worry about pages turning and flying everywhere when standing in front of a fan or outside on a windy day. Plus, you would not to worry about trying to hold the pages back if you are in bed reading. Therefore, tablets are way mare convenient than textbooks.
Another important detail is that they are extremely simple to use. Most people would think that you would need a good background in computers in order to operate them, but their assumptions are wrong. There are laptops so simple elderly people can use them. Also, you could do things with the tablet that you would probably get in trouble for if you where to do it in a school text book. For one, you can highlight important phrases that you need to study or review. Another, you can draw or write notes on the pages of the tablets e-book. You can also save pages and get to pages a lot faster than you could in a regular textbook. These are few of the many simple advantages tablets have over a textbook.
Additionally, tablets and laptops could provide more information than the textbook if connect to the internet. For example, if you read a topic in the book and see that it gives little information about the subject you could easily go to the internet and look it up. As told by Brenda Alvarez, “The devices also allow students to get up-to-the-minute information, unlike textbooks that quickly become outdated.” Tablets also come with features that can make learning easier for the student.
“Tablets also come with features that regular textbooks don’t have, such as temporarily highlighting phrases, looking up unfamiliar words, and saving important information. This makes the tablet an effective device for...

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