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Larry's Realization In My Oedipus Complex By Frank O' Connor

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In Greek mythology, Oedipus was a prince dedicated to kill his father and marry his mother. “My Oedipus Complex” by the Irish author Frank O' Connor is about a young child named Larry that wants to rid his dad from the home to become more intimate with his mother. When his father returns on his unexpected visits from the war, Larry is hostile and jealous of surrendering his mothers attention to his father and finds himself in a continual struggle to successfully gain that feeling of closeness back.
Frank O' Connor writes in retrospect about the child who has a physiological affect on him called Oedipus complex. An unconscious idea or feeling that posses around the parent of the opposite sex and wants to eliminate the parent of the same sex that usually affects children at either the age of five or six. The story starts out with Larry talking about his “Santa Claus” (p.1) type father only appearing at the house when pleased. His father was a solider in World War 1, which sent him on his trips to battle. He liked his father's visits because of the souvenirs he would leave behind from the war such as bullet casings. However, towards the middle of the story, hestart to realize that he wants his dad to be gone at war so he can have his mothers full attention. Once young Larry realizes his fathers attendance at home all the time he asks the question to his mom if daddy will even go back to war but she replies that the war is over and he is here stay. Larry says, “from that morning on my life was a hell. Father and I were enemies open and avowed,” (p.7). The survinors or toys as Larry called them would play around with the toys irritating his dad, “'those are not toys,' he growled, taking down the box again to see if I had lifted anything. 'Some of those curios are very rare and valuable,'” (p.8). This tension between the two of them just got worse. “One evening when he was being particularly obnoxious, chattering away well above my head, I let him have it,” (p.9). He made it himself heard in front of his father saying to his mother that he was going to marry her and have babies with her when he got older. “I felt she was probably relieved to know that one day Father's hold on her would be broken,” (p.9). That was by far the weirdest part of the story in my opinion. Soon later his mother had another kid (from her husband) named Sonny. Sonny brought fussing and cries but also attention from his mother. With the attention debt to the father and Larry it seemed that they started to get along because they were both now the so called outcasts. Larry says, “one night I woke with a start. There was someone beside me in the bed. For one wild moment I felt sure it must be mother, having come to her senses and left father for good, but then I heard Sonny in convulsions in the next room, and mother saying: 'There! There! There!' and I knew it wasn't she. It was father. He was lying beside me, wide awake, breathing hard and apparently...

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