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Las Vegas is located south of Nevada, USA, it is nicknamed Sin city and has the phrase “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” It’s most popular __ is Las Vegas Boulevard, also known as ‘the strip’, it is where some of the most known casinos and hotels are located.
The first casino ever built in Las Vegas is the Pair-o-Dice club constructed in 1931, the first casino built on ‘the strip’ is the El Rancho Vegas, opened in 1941. The El Rancho Vegas was destroyed by a fire in 1960. The success of the hotel encouraged the idea of building more casinos/hotels on the strip which leaded to the Hotel Last Frontier being built in 1942. Ever since this event many casinos and hotels have been built on the famed strip.
Visitation Rate
There are 130 casinos, 109, 395 slot machines, 150,000 hotel rooms, 113 hotels in Las Vegas. The top 5 hotels in Las Vegas are:

According to a recent survey conducted by, the average Las Vegas visitor spends on average $1,600 for a three day vacation to Las Vegas. That is roughly $534 per day spent on hotel rooms, gambling, shopping, dining and shows. The data was collected after looking at 1,400 visitors that visited Las Vegas in September 2012 over a two week period.
More than 39 million people visited Las Vegas last year, meaning if every person spent the average amount of money, visitors brought in over $62 billion for the year.
The chart shown is the breakdown of how the $1,600 figure was spent throughout the three day vacation period.

Tourist Types
Most people who visit Las Vegas are usually over 21 because that is the age of consent to consume alcohol and gamble. The population in Las Vegas is 1,951,269. The median age is 34. For every 100 females there are 103 males. There are places for kids to go, but it still isn’t very appropriate for young children as there is a lot of ___

“In the city the population was spread out with 25.9% under the age of 18, 8.8% from 18 to 24, 32.0% from 25 to 44, 21.7% from 45 to 64, and 11.6% who were 65 years of age or older. The median age was 34 years. For every 100 females there were 103.3 males. For every 100 females age 18 and over, there were 102.5 males” – Wikipedia, Las Vegas.

Hawaiians, call Las Vegas the 12th island because there are many Hawaiians moving from Hawaii to Las Vegas.

Agencies involved – including government
Flight agencies
Economic, social, cultural impacts.
Crime -
Outside Development: Currently, outside the Monte Carlo and the New York New York, the sidewalk is being converted to reflect a friendlier atmosphere. There are to be benches, a park, food vendors and entertainers.
SLS Hotel: When the Sahara hotel closed down in 2010 on the north of the strip the SLS project began. Since the closure of the hotel, the North end of the strip has suffered due to there not being much in the way of tourism. SLS Hotel & Casino is due to open by the end of 2014 and will bring a bit more attention to the...

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