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Las Vegas Casinos & Their Gambling

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Throughout Las Vegas history, Vegas have grown in tourism and residency to become more well known. From gambling clubs to casino and resorts, Las Vegas has grown to a little town to a big, bright city to the“Sin City”. If all the laws and mafias that collaborated with the casinos and gambling clubs did not happen back then, our community of Las Vegas would not be as popular as we are today.
Gambling goes way back into 1860’s in Nevada (“History of Gaming in Nevada”). The history began around 1864 to 1931, starting with the prospectors (ibid). The prospectors were the people who brought the gaming/gambling into Nevada and made it known. However, Abraham Lincoln chose Nevada Territory Governor James Nye ,who was against gambling, encouraging the legislature to ban any forms of gaming (ibid). When Nevada became a state in 1864, the first legislature tried to legalize and regulate gambling, but they failed to do that (ibid). Since then, gambling was dramatically reduced with the operators being punished and little to no players (ibid). In 1909, Progressive Movement passed legislation , banning gaming in Nevada (ibid). Later on, a bill was introduced to legalize gambling again, but soon to fail another time (“Bill That Transformed A City”). The Legislature of 1927 considered another bill that was similar, it passed the assembly, but lost by one vote in the Senate (ibid). Around the 1930s , the bill passed the Assembly and Senate. Fred Balzar, an american politician, signed the bill and gambling was finally legal in what was then the nation’s least populous state. Soon after the gambling was legalized, casinos started to build up in Las Vegas.
The mafia was a hierarchically structured secret organization allegedly engaged in smuggling, racketeering, trafficking in narcotics, and other criminal activities (“Mafia”). They committed crimes contributing with illegal activities; they also had become famous for their extortion, theft, gambling, racketeering, and prostitution (Mazzeno, Laurence W. "Mafia.";Mazzeno, Laurence W. "Organized crime."). When it came to gambling and gaming, it started to become important business with the mafia (“The Mafia”). Throughout the United States,they operated many illegal and luxurious gambling operations (ibid). Police officers and law enforcement agencies were in the payroll of the Mafia Bosses and ignored the gambling operations (ibid).When gambling was legalized, not much people paid attention to it except for cowboys and some men by the military base (ibid). Las Vegas was mafia free until Mafioso Meyer and Bugsy Siegel realized its moneymaking potential (ibid). On December 26, 1946, the Flamingo opened (Fauteux, Ray).The story behind this is that, even though the interest in Las Vegas did not grow and was not given time to grow, the mafia was pressured (ibid). Later on, Bugsy Siegel skimmed money from the pension funds of Mafia owned unions to cover cost overruns (ibid). The mafia was in rush with the opening of...

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