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Laser Resurfacing Treatment Essay

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As we age, we develop wrinkles and fine lines on our face due to the repetitive movements of the facial muscle. Other factors like diet, exposure to sun and smoking can also affect your skin. Laser resurfacing treatment is a good option for treating the various skin problems including scars, age spots, wrinkles, brown discoloration, some types of acne scarring and stretch marks.
The skin color, extent of damage and age are the factors that determine whether laser resurfacing treatment is appropriate for you. This treatment can be used to treat the entire face or a small area. It can also soften the fine lines around the mouth, eyes and deep wrinkles and minimize the facial scars and evenly colored skin.
Different types of laser are used producing intense beams of varying intensity and pulse duration.
Ablative resurfacing:
In ablative laser resurfacing, an intense beam of light is targeted to a particular site of the face to be treated. The laser beam vaporizes and removes the epidermis or the outer skin layer or epidermis. Simultaneously, it also encourages the growth of new fibers of collagen in the dermis. New, smoother and tighter skin develops as the wound heals.
In this laser resurfacing treatment, a local anesthetic is given to numb the skin and prevent the pain.
Non-ablative resurfacing:
Non ablative lasers penetrate the surface of the skin without burning the tissue. They treat the skin lying beneath the surface. They promote the growth of collagen and tighten the underlying skin to remove the fine lines and improve the skin tone.
Laser skin resurfacing:
A carbon dioxide laser is used in laser resurfacing to remove the areas of wrinkled or damaged skin, layer by layer. Laser resurfacing treatment may be performed in specific areas or the entire face. The following are the benefits of laser resurfacing:
• Reduces wrinkles
• Reduces acne scars
• Minimizes the risk of skin cancer
• Reduces or eliminates discoloration and brown spots
• Reduces sun damaged and aged skin
• Improves the skin tone
• Regenerates the growth of new collagen

Laser resurfacing treatment is based on the principles of photothermolysis. Here, a laser of specific wavelength is targeted on a particular area of the skin. The light from the laser beam is absorbed by the flawed outer layer of the skin and results in its vaporization. With the removal of the outer layer, the new, healthier underlying skin develops.
When used proficiently, it produces less bruising, bleeding and post operative discomfort. The results are not permanent but would last for...

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