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Lasers of the 60'sWhat is Hotter than the sun, finer than a needle, that pierces diamonds, repairs eyes and kills cancers. Give up it is a laser. Although in sci-fi movies they are used as weapons they are used for good. My research essay is on lasers. Lasers are important because lasers help in the medical field. It helps with therapy. It also helps with hair removal. According to Townes, Basov and Prokhorov shared the prize for their fundamental work, which led to the construction of lasers. They founded the theory of lasers and described how a laser could be built, originating from a similar appliance for microwaves called the MASER that was introduced during the '50s (The MASER has not been used as much as the laser).However, the first functioning laser was not built by them, but by Maiman in 1960. This was the work that resulted in the big and rather clumsy lasers built in the beginning of the '60s. Still, their theory for the laser effect is the one that fundamentally describes all lasers. Every time you listen to a CD or point with a laser pointer, you hold their discovery in your hand.The first operating laser was the ruby laser it was made in 1960. It was a ruby laser generating strong pulses of red light. In 1963 Alferov and Kroemer proposed independently of each other, the principle for semiconductor heterostructures to be used later in semiconductor laser which today, by far, is the most common laser. For this work they were awarded the 2000 Nobel Prize in Physics. The advent of the laser, in the sixties, has opened the way to important developments in many fields of physics like atomic andmolecular spectroscopy. The use of several types of lasers, including the dye-lasers, and the possibility of selective excitation of some atomic states allow to consider many new or unresolved problems.According to the Saturday evening post Bell Telephone Laboratories and R.C.A., were trying to build lasers, using various materials that showed some promise of working. Only a scattered few were trying it with ruby crystals. There were a dozen excellent reasons why you couldn't possibly create a laser out of a ruby. But Dr. Ted Maiman was sure his odd little device was just on the threshold of working. One day. about a week after the skeptical scientists' visit, he got his chance to prove it. A package arrived containing three new ruby crystals- more carefully fabricated, ground and polished than any he'd used before. He incorporated one in his gadgets. On July 15, I960, he and a young lab assistant made a few last adjustments. Maiman threw a switch, and a beam of brilliant red light shot from the end of the ruby-a beam thousands of times more intensethan sunlight, a red of shining purity, more red and more pure than the humaneye had ever seen before. In the silence of the big empty laboratory Doctor Maiman turned and looked at his assistant. "It lased," he said. Thus Dr. Ted Maiman became not only the first man to build a working laser...

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