Final Fantasy To World Of Warcraft: The Benefits Of Video Games

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In the 21st century, society is noticing a drastic change in the new generation. Going outside has become a thing of the past for some and many parents struggle to get their children to stop playing video games. Submersed in the world of violent video games, society has started to scorn the idea of them. Though video games seem to have a lot of drawbacks, other parts of society encourage the development of video games. While many believe that video games are detrimental to society they actually hold many benefits for all age ranges.
William Higinbotham, a nuclear physicist lobbied for nuclear nonproliferation as the first chair of the Federation of American Scientists, created the first video game Tennis for Two. At Brookhaven's lab's annual visitors' day on October 18, 1958 Tennis for Two was first introduced to the public. Tennis for Two, a two player game that consisted of "separate controllers that were connected to an analog computer" and the use of an "oscilloscope for a screen" ("The First Video Game?"). Nine years later, Ralph Baer, a German-born television engineer, and his coworkers designed the first video game console the Brown Box that worked on a standard television ("A History of Video Game Consoles"). In the past the purpose of video games was not to make a profit, but to offer people a way to have fun in a new way.
In 2014, more people are taking advantage of the virtual communication aspects of video games as they become more advanced. Brain researcher Jay Pratt, professor of psychology at the University of Toronto stated, "playing [action] video games changes the ability to learn, to finding and integrating new information" (Trudeau, 2010). According to neuroscientist Laura Sergio's fMRI studies "non-gamers predominately use an area of the brain called the parietal cortex, that specializes in virtual spatial functions, while skilled gamers mainly use their frontal cortex, an area of the brain specialize in planning, attention, and multitasking" (Trudeau, 2010). Gamers are able to use less brain-power to do the same thing as non-gamers can making gamers more efficient with their brain functions.
The health benefits associated with video games were recently discovered in the past decade. The study by the University of the Sunshine Coast, in Queensland, used fitness games to measure the participants' center of balance during virtual snowboarding, skiing, and tightrope walking ("Video Games Help Seniors' Balance."). According to researcher Vaughen Nicholson "the study showed games with balance boards improve coordination and mobility" ("Video Games Help Seniors' Balance."), proven though clinical measures and tests through a fall plate or biomechanical measures. If older people become more stable, they are less likely to fall and injure themselves, which is beneficial for their health care. HeartMath, a company of Boulder Creek, California, and other companies have developed video games in which winning "requires players to...

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