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Last Knight Essay

707 words - 3 pages

"Sir, dost thou havest any fresh water?" The man asked with a dry cough.
"Neigh serf, none thy can spare." Richard replied. Looking through his helmet's visor he looked at the poor excuse for a man. His rough sack cloth shirt reached down low enough to hide his private area, despite not having any pants. It was stained with dirt and blood. His face was covered in boils, many oozing out puss. "Now, wilst thou allow me past?" Richard asked. But the peasant stood firmly in place blocking the knight from his destination.
"Thy price be thoust water." He said. He then revealed a dagger from his sleave. "Thoust water, or thy blood." He said.
'Well at least the has enough sense left to know thee can't beat me.' Richard thought. "Thyne don't wans't thoust blood staining thy blade." Richard said. "Take thy water and allow thy passage." Richard held his canteen out, which the peasant eagerly took.
"God bless ye noble knight." The peasant stepped aside ...view middle of the document...

" The priest said, only a whisper. But Richard heard his comment.
"Thoust don't think any man can keep thee faith, when thy have'st to burn thy cross to stay warm."
"Aye," The priest agrees. "Thoust town may'st not be eden, but we all haveth you to thank for living, Richard the Kind."
"Sir knight!" A man said throwing the doors of the church wide open. "Tis happening again." Richard didn't say a word but followed the messenger. He didn't mention what was happening, but Richard knew, it was either the traditionalists tormenting another citizen or a person was finally dieing of his ailments. Richard hoped it was the former, but was ready for the later, and prepared for both.
Luckily it was the former. When the messenger showed Richard where the crime was taking place, Richard saw an unforgivable scene through his visor. Two men, obviously coming from some long dead rich family was threatening a woman with daggers and adulterous actions. Drawing his smooth polished blade from it's sheath, he advanced on the two pitifully equiped men.
"Do'st thou havest a reason for harassing this citizen?" Richard asked behind them, forcing both men to turh their attention to him. The woman saw her chance and slipped away.
"This wench havest been stealing our gold and silver. She must atone for thoust sins. One man turned around to see the woman no longer there. "Now look what thoust done, thou allowed her escape!" The man said angerly.
"Thou don't care what crimes she mayeth caused. Here, what woman we have are cherished."
"The olde ways say different." One man says. Richard tightened his grip on his sword, and thrusted it at the man's throat, the tip of the sword cut into his skin, just deep enough to draw blood, but no further.
"The olde ways thou speaks of no longer apply, they died with the king. Here, woman are not to be treated as property, they be the only ones of us who can bring up thee next generation."
"You proud sir knight?" The other man asked with scorn in his voice. "To save one wench thief? She'll steal again I tell thee. And when she does, her next victim shalt understand our ideas."
"She shalt pay for her crimes, but she shalt not pay with her life." Richard withdrew his sword from the man's neck and returned it to it's sheath. "Now remove theeselves from thyne sight."

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