Dealing With Homelessness In Australia Essay

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Homelessness is all our responsibility. Waking every morning in a warm bed in a secure house for some Australians is only a dream. Every day more and more people are becoming or are at risk of becoming homeless as the global economy crumbles away and monetary resources become harder to find. What is homelessness: the Australian Government Department of Health (2005) defines homelessness as a person who is without a conventional home. Homeless Australians have become disconnected from family and friend and has few, if any resource and very little prospect of achieving financial independence without Government assistant. This assessment will talk about Australia’s history with homelessness, it will go onto to talk about the Government’s role in preventing homelessness and the AASW view on the current social problem. An example of how human service delivery organisation are impacted by current political and society’s view. Homelessness has a face and now more than ever society must ensure that the Government fulfils promise made to all of its citizens.
To understand the Australian Social Policy on Homelessness and service delivery of today, society needs to look back into the 1800’s.As early as about 1830 CarolineChisholm started to provide assistance tosingle women in crisis by establishing an accommodation facility.Australian history regarding homelessness policy’s can be traced back to the mid 1800’s and to The Vagrancy Legislation Act of 1851 (Groves 2005). As a fledgling country Australians policies were still aliened with English Law. The early service delivery for the homeless in the 1800’s was limited to charitable organisations and Churches(Catholic Australian 2014 & Alexander 2013) who ran workhouses to help alleviated victims of the Vagrancy Act (Vagrancy Act 1851, ss. 1–7). Throughout the next 110 years, the Australian Government implemented many different legislation and policy to align with needs of society to help relieve the growing numbers of the homeless(Schindeler, 2010). Many fail to help whilst other have evolved over time and are still present in the modern Australian legislations. The 1950’s conservative family era still maintained the patriarchic view that men control the power and women subordinate and where under the control of societies view. The feminist movement of the 1960’s bought about the biggest change with both homelessness and social awareness. Women of the 1960’s and 70’s now were demanding equality education, freedom of abuse and the right to earn their own money(Schindeler, 2010). The new face of homelessness became that of women and children escaping domestic violence and the family home due to the empowerment of feminism (Lwin 2011, unpub.). The Labor Government was elected in 1972 and Gough Whitlam’s Government drew on the International Agreement Programs on Human Rights to model a new Australia Social policy (Lwin 2011, unpub.). With the outcry of society the Australian Government in 1973 introduced the...

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