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Lasting Effects Of The Holocaust Essay

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The Holocaust not only affected the areas where it took place, it affected the entire world. Even though Jewish people were the main victims in the Holocaust, it also left lasting effects on other groups of people. Both the Nazi and Jewish decedents still feel the aftermath of one of the most horrific counts of genocide that the world has ever encountered. The cries of the victims in concentration camps still ring around the globe today, and they are not easily ignored. Although the Holocaust took place during World War Two, the effects that it had on the world are still prominent today.
The Holocaust was a very impressionable period of time. It not only got media attention during that time, but movies, books, websites, and other forms of media still remember the Holocaust. In Richard Brietman’s article, “Lasting Effects of the Holocaust,” he reviews two books and one movie that were created to reflect the Holocaust (BREITMAN 11). He notes that the two books are very realistic and give historical facts and references to display the evils that were happening in concentration camps during the Holocaust. This shows that the atrocities that were committed during the Holocaust have not been forgotten. Through historical writings and records, the harshness and evil that created the Holocaust will live through centuries, so that it may not be repeated again (BREITMAN 14).
Because the Holocaust has captured so much attention in the media, researchers are interested to get stories about the Holocaust from people who actually lived through it. There aren’t many people that are living today that survived the Holocaust, so there is a website to find children that survived the horrific time period by identifying themselves by finding their picture that was taken during the Holocaust. "Remember Me?" is a website that gives people the opportunity to browse through pictures of the children living in the Holocaust to see if they can identify the people today (BUBAR 4). One man, Tibor Sands, is one of the few people that have been able to identify themselves on the website (BUBAR 1). He hadn’t brought his story forward until he discovered the website because he did not feel that his testimony was important to the study and research of the Holocaust (BUBAR 3). People like Tibor are giving new outlooks on the Holocaust and surfacing new facts so that the research can move forward.
Many people, like Tibor, don’t come forward with their testimonies because of the effects that the Holocaust still holds on them. Even though it is all over, and nothing can hurt them if they share their stories, they still do not want to relive their terrifying past. Most testimonies finally surfaced in the late 1990’s and the early 2000’s. One woman, Yehudi Lindeman, was finally interviewed by Holocaust researchers in 2012 (ZEMBRZYCKI 2). She told them her childhood and what is was like to live during the Holocaust, to get captured, and to live in a...

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