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Lasting Effects Of The Islamic Revolution

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Lasting Effects of the Islamic Revolution of 1979

A) Plan of the investigation
What effect did the Islamic revolution have on the country of Iran and it’s international relations? This is a very broad question so it much be asked and answered for many different levels of society. Looked at this way this question is actually collection of questions. What effect did the Islamic revolution have on the wealthy within the country? What effect did it have on the poor? What affect did it have on the government? What affect did it have on countries in the region?
In order to conduct thorough research on this issue, it is necessary to investigate the phenomenon from a variety of angles. My plan is to Google “The Islamic Revolution of 1979 in Iran.” While this will not yield much academic research, what it will do is provide a jumping off point for more thorough research. I plan to read both historical accounts written in the last few years that analyze the event and also newspaper articles that were published at the time the situation was still unfolding. I also plan to use Google Books to locate books on the topic.

B) Summary of evidence
Said Ami Arjomand in his book “The Turban for the Crown” The Islamic Revolution in Iran” brings extensive historical and geological context into the 1979 Islamic revolution as to its effect on Iran and its causes. His book covers the history of Iran since 1500, so the 1979 revolution is placed in its proper historical context. An important date that played into was an earthquake, which killed 15,000 people on September 16th, 1979. While natural phenomenon might not seem like the stuff of revolution, it was a disruption that let dissidents move their agenda forward. Arjomand writes “The occasion gave the hierocracy the opportunity to make a bid for the allegiance of the people by organizing relief work in direct and pointed competition with the state.” This was foreshadowing for what was to come the next year (Arjomand, 134). This led to a duel power. By November of that year important religious cities of Qom and Mashdad were controlled by Islamic militant and declared republics created competing states.
December 1979 duel sovereignty spread to the rest of the country when millions of demonstrators approved of a 17-point revolutionary program that included the abolition of the ruling monarchy and the creation of an Islamic government (Arjomand, 134). Roger Cohen of The New York Times writes that on Jan. 19, 1979 Iran’s capital of Tehran “was in a state of revolt” (Cohen, 1). For four decades The Shah had ruled the country and the state of revolt led to him having to flee the country as an exiled cleric, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, who at the time was exiled in Paris, vowed to return in order to form an Islamic government. Describing the scene in the streets, the New York Times correspondent R. W. Apple wrote at the time, “A great river of humanity flowed down Tehran’s main street today” (Cohen, 1). Even after...

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