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Europe and International Business StrategyLIST OF CONTENTSINTRODUCTION 3PART 1: CURRENT STRATEGIC ANALYSIS AND INTERNATIONAL STRATEGIC EVALUATION 41. GENERAL STRATEGY & ORIENTATION 42. COMPETITIVE POSITIONING 4OBJECTIVES AND INTERNATIONAL STRATEGIES 61. OBJECTIVES 62. INTERNATIONAL STRATEGIES 6ENTRY MODES 71. WHOLLY-OWNED SUBSIDIARIES 72. ACQUISITIONS 73. JOINT VENTURES 7EVALUATION OF INTERNATIONAL STRATEGIES 8Advantages of's global strategy 9Disadvantages of's global strategy 9PART 2: STRATEGIC DEVELOPMENT FOR FUTURE EXPANSION 10MARKET SCREENING & CHOICE 10STRATEGIC DEVELOPMENT 16External Environment Analysis - PEST analysis 16Internal Environment Analysis 18STRATEGIC SELECTION 19STRATEGIC IMPLEMENTATION 19STRATEGIC ISSUES 21REFERENCES 25APPENDIX is a Europe's leading travel and leisure website. Based on the idea of matching supply and demand, it offers consumers last minute opportunities to acquire airline tickets, hotel rooms, package holidays, entertainment tickets, restaurant reservations and home delivery, speciality services, gifts and auctions. Due to the diversification of sectors the company is operating in, it was decided that the main focus should be on the travel sector.This report includes two parts. The first part will focus on the's current strategic analysis and its international strategic evaluation. The second part will concentrate on the strategic development for future expansion.PART 1: CURRENT STRATEGIC ANALYSIS AND INTERNATIONAL STRATEGIC EVALUATION1. General Strategy & OrientationUsing Porter's Generic Strategies, one would argue pursues a broad Differentiation, which involves producing a range of well-differentiated products that meet the specific needs of customer segments as well as there are high cost pressures.'The company selling position is to offer the best deal at the last minute, rather than the worst deal as is sometimes the case with flight operators. The company positioned itself at the upper end of the mass market in the goods and services it offers. Therefore, it could be argued that to certain extent the company is also pursuing a low cost strategy by offering the good and affordable deals and simultaneously create a reliable brand name.Although it is 'stuck in the middle', this is the only strategy that the company can follow in order to be successful since it is difficult to differentiate its offerings from other competitors, due to the nature of the industry, and maintaining low costs is essential in order to be able to offer the 'best deals' as is part of its objectives. It is very important in the future for t o be able to match its Cost-related assets and Differentiation-related assets with the competitive drivers in the EU and foreign markets in general. This will be considered in greater detail in the main part of this report (Part 2).2. Competitive is the...

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