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Latasha Williams World Reglion Essay

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September 14, 2008Axia University of PhoenixChristian Faith Fellowship Church1927 W Wisconsin Ave.Pastors: Paul StanleyEvents Coordinator: Ruth HesterIntroductionThe history of Christianity started with Jesus of Nazareth, who was Jewish, born in a small section of the Roman Empire. There is little documentation in regards to his life early on, but at the age of about thirty he was baptized by John the Baptist. This baptism caused him to have a vision where he felt he was given God’s blessing. Not long after this took place, he started his own ministry intended to teach, heal, and work miracles. He often talked about the Kingdom of God and condemned hypocrites of religion while interpreting the Mosaic Law in a non-traditional manner. He often spoke in front of large gatherings of people but chose twelve individuals to teach privately which were known as his disciples. The disciples followed Jesus enthusiastically as they believed he was the Messiah who was long-awaited to usher in God’s kingdom on the planet (“A One-Page Overview”).In a short period of time, a matter of only a couple of years, Jesus was viewed as an enemy to the people as opposition mounted against him and he was executed in the end by the Romans. A majority of Jesus’ followers who remained loyal ended up fleeing as they were upset with such a horrific outcome. Just three days after Jesus’ crucifixion women who had gone to anoint his body found the tomb to be empty and were informed by an angel that he had risen from the dead. Of course, the twelve disciples were skeptical at first, but soon became believers of this story as they reported he had come and visited them on different occasions and then had ascended into heaven right in front of their eyes (“A One Page Overview”, 2004).In the remaining part of the first century AD, the number of Jesus’ followers, who came to be known as Christians, grew at a very rapid pace. Paul was a Jewish man who is credited with the spread of Christianity; initially, however, he persecuted Christians but after seeing Jesus ascend to heaven after rising from the grave he converted to Christianity. Paul took advantage of the expansive road system that the Romans had built and also the time without fighting to go on many missionary journeys all over the Roman Empire in an effort to convert individuals to Christianity based on his firsthand experience. He opened churches all over the Roman Empire and then corresponded through letters in order to offer encouragement and further counsel. A great number of these letters is now a part of the New Testament as part of the Christian scriptures (“A One-Page Overview”, 2004).There are three main groups within Christianity and Protestant is one of them. The name Protestant represents a various range of viewpoints, denominations, individuals, and related organizations. No specific belief or tradition can be said to define this branch of Christianity, however...

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