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Late Steve Jobs And Bill Gates: The Technology Master Minds

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The purpose of writing this essay is to give an idea how these two respected CEOs of multinational companies has changed the world. Technology is booming nowadays, even the minor things that we can do manually are done using technology. Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple computer and Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, has changed the world. These two leaders are best known for their innovations which has taken our world to the next level. Steve and Bill has got something in common. Surprisingly, both of these CEO had never graduated from college, but they are known to be the world most successful leaders and they both work in the same kind of company (Lashinsky, 2013). Nevertheless, their leadership styles differs (Peralta,2011). The way they treat the employees at the workplace is in contrast.
Although Steve and Bill are competitors, there are similarities between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Both of them are the most successful CEO’s in the world. Though they were college dropouts, but they still achieved a lot of success in their own way. Steve was a very innovative man. As the English proverb goes by “ Have no fear of perfection - you will never reach it.” by Salvador Dali. No matter how many times he failed, he could develop things from his own idea and turn them into a successful product. In 1979 Apple’s first product was introduced, people like it very much because of its simplicity and innovative ideas. Later on in year 1980, the company showed a tremendous performance, where its share rose by 32% (Messa, 1998). Similarly, Bill Gates was also like that, but just that Steve was in a company which makes hardware product and Bill develops softwares. In addition, one of the biggest achievement in their lives were to have their own status as billionaires (Steele,2011).
In a similar fashion, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were college dropouts. Being a freshman student, Steve dropped out of Oregon’s Reed College after his first semester because he thought that a middle parent will not be able to give their child a financial support due to the high price in education fee (Linn,2011). Likewise, Bill Gates was also a college dropout, nevertheless, he had a different perspective. He dropped out of Harvard University as he didn't have a proper study plan, later on he planned to start a software company with his friend (Bill Gates, Inside the Gates,2013).
Despite of having these similarities, these two ...

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