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Lateral Epicondylitis Essay

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Lateral epicondylitis, also known as “Tennis Elbow” is a condition where tendons that connect to the muscles of the forearm on the lateral side of the elbow become inflamed (American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons [AAOS], 2009). People who use repetitive arm movement or gripping can overtime develop lateral epicondylitis which will result in inflammation of the tendons causing pain and can impede them of their activities of daily living (WebMD, 2012). Those who have occupations in plumbing, carpentry and painting are more prone to develop tennis elbow due to their repetitive motions required in their profession (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2013).
According to Walrod, “the annual incidence is 1-3% ...view middle of the document...

This diagnosis usually develops over time by putting strain on the tendons and muscles of the forearm (WebMD, 2012). Fortunately for those who are diagnosed with tennis elbow, it is not fatal, and can heal simply by rest and therapeutic exercises (AAOS, 2009). Individuals may decide to do therapy to strengthen the muscles in their forearms and through the use of muscle stimulating activities such as an ice massage which can improve the healing process (AAOS, 2009). Taking prescript medication can help decrease the pain and inflammation on the elbow (WebMD, 2012). A person may want to treat tennis elbow on themselves by doing simple range of motion exercises several times a day, icing the elbow and using a cock-up wrist splint to protect the elbow from future damage (WebMD, 2012). On more severe cases, if an individual cannot tolerate the pain, especially after he has performed numerous treatments, surgery may be required which would take four to six months of recovery (ASSH, 2006).
Avoiding the overuse of repetitive movements can help prevent lateral epicondylitis (WebMD, 2012). It is vital for those individuals who work in occupations that require vigorous repetitive motions of the elbow such as plumbers or painters to stop or adapt to new techniques once they experience any sort of pain or tenderness on the lateral aspect of their elbow (WebMD, 2012).
In the case of Xavier, the areas of concern are sensory functions and pain and neuromusculoskeletal and movement-related functions (OTPF, 2008). These two categories in relation to Xavier’s case take into consideration of pain, muscle power, muscle endurance, joint range of motion,...

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