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Zoila VegaKim SmithDoug DiChiaraMike Garbowski Jessica GilbertMini Case # 2August 25, 2014Define and discuss what an inversion is and the effects it can have on the U.S. Economy.(3 points)Tax inversions are a form of tax avoidance. They are driven by several factors, but the most prevalent factor is that the U.S. tax code seeks to impose income tax on profits earned abroad by American corporations.An inversion occurs when a company based in one country purchases a corporation based in another country and relocates its headquarters there in order to save on the amount of taxes it pays. A company will re-incorporate in a different country so that it can take advantage of lower tax rates on income earned abroad, which is taxed at a lower rate than income earned domestically.When companies elect to take this route it leaves a negative impact on the U.S. economy. This would result in the loss of many jobs which would be moved abroad, as well as a large reduction in the amount of tax that it contributes to the government. The federal government would have a reduction in tax income because the company would be incorporated abroad and treated as a foreign company as opposed to a domestic one. The government would most likely have to make up for this loss in income by selling more bonds, raising taxes, or cutting the federal budget.What will be the most likely effect on Treasury Bills? Explain your answer by drawing the demand/supply curve for Treasury bills and how their price will most likely be affected. You will need to fully explain your answer. (3 points)Rs1RS2FederalFunds Rate2Iff21Iff1Rd1Quantity ofReserves, RNBR1NBR2The effect of an inversion will cause the Supply of Federal Reserves to decrease. This would be a leftward shift in the Number of reserves and a decline in the federal funds rate. The increase in the federal funds rate will cause an increase in the price of treasury bills. The new equilibrium point will be located at a higher federal funds rate, a lower quantity of reserves with a higher price.If the U.S. Government were to reduce the corporate income tax rate as an incentive to stop inversions, would your answer in question 2 be different? You will need to fully explain your answer. (2 points)Answer in question 2 would not change due to the lack of probability that this would ever happen.The U.S. corporate statutory tax rate is higher than that of the 15 largest economies in the world. This has led many to assert that the U.S. statutory tax rate needs to be lowered to reduce the incentive for inversion transactions. While lowering the corporate tax rate would reduce the incentive to invert, there are reasons to suggest that it would be impractical...

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2253 words - 9 pages Latin Kings developed a reputation as the most violent street gang, and still remains with them today.The Almighty Latin King Nation (ALKN) started in the New York prison system at Riker's Island and they have grown from a prison gang, and into the most notorious, and violent street gangs in New York City today. They actively recruit young people ranging from the ages of eight-years-old and up. Frequently, the recruitment takes place within the

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597 words - 2 pages Nationalism is loyalty towards your country and the people who you share it with. Especially during the 19th century in Latin America is was a collective state of mind where people wanted to be loyal to their culture and home rather then a king or emperor. During this time nationalism and revolutionary ideas were on the rise and several leaders emerged. During the 18th century philosophers in Europe created the Enlightenment. The

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1748 words - 7 pages the writer’s work and by reading his play on King John, they are forced to believe that, that is what the king really was like; a disloyal man and also a tax stealing king. The Magna Carta The Magna Carta, Latin for great charter or as its also known as the English Charter was a document signed by King John in June 1215 as a peace offering with the barons after they had had enough of the king and the way he taxed them. This charter meant that the

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2446 words - 10 pages The Colonies of Culture:The Postcolonial Self in Latin America and Africa The colony is not only a possibility in the geographical; it is a mental dominance that can imperialize the entire self. Entire continents have be domineered, resources completely dried, and at colonialism’s usual worst, the mental devastation of the indigenous culture has left a people hollow. Indigenous culture is no longer that. In the globalized world, no culture

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1539 words - 6 pages views them more like vices. They are seen as being meaningless qualities for a woman to possess, as all she is ever expected to become is a housewife. Margaret's intelligence is displeasing for the King, as she is more fluent in Latin than he is. He questions her when he comes to visit in Latin: "Antiquone modo Latine loqueris, an Oxoniensi? [Is your Latin the old Latin or Oxford Latin?]". She replies perfectly and the King is obviously annoyed

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1221 words - 5 pages was a lead cross about a foot long, with a Latin inscription: "Hic iacet sepultus inclitus rex arturius in insula avalonia", "Here lies buried the renowned King Arthur in the Isle of Avalon". Some smaller bones, and a scrap of hair that crumbled away when touched, were explained as Guinevere's. ("Myths and Legends") The digging up of King Arthur and his reburial is accounted for in the Glastonbury Abbey's history, but the authenticity of the bones

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1196 words - 5 pages The Independence of Latin America The Independence of Latin America was a process caused by years of injustices, discriminations, and abuse, from the Spanish Crown upon the inhabitants of Latin America. Since the beginning the Spanish Crown used the Americas as a way to gain riches and become greater in power internationally. Three of the distinct causes leading Latin America to seek independence from Spain, were that Spain was

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773 words - 4 pages drug, he starts doing it. Reymundo goes to jail for dealing cocaine. This is where he decides that he has to leave the Latin Kings. He moved out of Chicago and started doing his own thing. Now that he was out of the Latin King gang, he started to think about getting his life in order and possibly going to college. Reaction: The theories I believe that were used in to the book are Utilitarianism, Deontologicalism, and Existentialism

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1742 words - 7 pages mention any other minority like the Latin people, in those days they were suffering and fighting for their rights too but King didn't mention them in his speech.The repetition of the sentences shows how Dr. King is trying to keep the attention putting some rhythm making pace. This is an example of it.Let freedom ring from the mighty mountains of New York. Let freedom ring from the heightening Alleghenies of Pennsylvania. Let freedom ring from

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2087 words - 8 pages according to the protestant members of the church of England. For that reason, the King, James I, gave order to translators to make a Bible which would also make other minorities happy. The fear of the mass rebel is the reason of the King James Version indeed. The New Testament was translated from Greek and the Old Testament from Latin and Greek both. The book became popular by force. The publishing of the Bishops' Bible was banned and the printer

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