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Latina Essay

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Part 1. Executive SummaryThis should be a concise summary of the study. DO NOT copy or simply rephrase the abstract. Use your own words. This should be no more than a few sentences. A short paragraph (or two) that captures the key ideas and results of the study is the goal.This article examines the impact of a CEO compensation is linked to returns that are related to acquisitions and increase in firm size. To support this hypothesis a sample was constructed of 171 acquisitions between 1993 -1998, the study focused on three groups of external monitors to develop the hypothesis. The study differentiates between size and returns and their relationships with managerial rewards, subject to the moderating effect of external monitoring activities.Part 2. Causal Model with ExplanationTry to provide a little graphic of the causal model of the study, with a short verbal description of the model.The dependent variable is corporate returns and size of firm. The dependent variable is CEO compensation. The controlled variables are the external monitors which are security analyst, independent outside board members and activist institutional investors. The independent can only influence the dependent variable when the external monitors influence the independent. The independent variables are then divided into two monitors who are vigilant and lax. Corporate returns are the vigilant monitors and the sizes of the firm are the lax monitors.External Monitors (controlled variables) Independent DependentSecurity of analyst Corporate returns CEOIndependent outside board members Size of firm CompensationActivist Institutional InvestorsPart 3. Key Variables and Methodology***Identify methodology that was used. Include a description of the sample and from whence it came. Clearly identify and, define where appropriate, the key variables (both dependent and independent) in the study and how they are measured.The key variables in the study are the following: The dependent variables consist of changes in CEO rewards which are defined as the before versus after percentage changes in acquiring firms CEO's salaries, bonuses and value of stock options. The Independent variable consists of returns and changes in firm size defined as two different measures. Brown and Warner estimated the cumulative abnormal returns (CARS) for two event windows: -1 to 0 days and -3 to + 3days. Day 0 is the announcement carried on the Dow Jones wire for the first time.Part 4. Results of the Study*****Table two depicts the results of the relationship of CARS and other chosen independent variable changes in CEO regards. Table three explains the findings of the association of ROE and other independent variables with the dependent variable, changes in compensation are shown.Between tables two...

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568 words - 2 pages Hondagneu-Sotelo, outlines how the American legacy of occupational racialization has progressed, focusing on immigrant Latina women in Los Angeles. The author concentrates mainly on the views and experiences of the common domestic labor of these immigrant women, which is categorized into three titles: live-in nannies/Housekeepers, live-out nannies/housekeepers, and housecleaners. An historical pattern of racialized labor can be drawn from the Asian

Be True to Yourself: A Conflict of Interest by Hurston and It's Hard Enough Being Me by Raya

1033 words - 5 pages autobiography. That shines a light on her discovery to her self identity. Raya is American born, her father is a second generation Mexican-American and her mother is Puerto Rican. Anna Lisa Raya grows up in El Sereno, Los Angeles. In a majority Mexican ethnic neighborhood. Therefore Raya grows up only identifying with being Mexican. In the essay, Raya describes her discovery of being Latina. Upon her arrival to Columbia University in New York City. Where it

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810 words - 4 pages Traditionally Latina woman are not encouraged to pursue higher education. However, I saw my sister go to the university and become a dentist in México, for that reason I want to research how many Latinas women in the United States pursue a higher education. During my research, I find out that more Latinas are going to college and more Latinas are prioritizing college before love. They want to become self – sufficient but also along the way, some

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3629 words - 15 pages The current trend in lack of Latina/o students attending college combines a lack of college readiness with a deficiency in resources to prepare this student population. More and more higher education scholars are accepting these deficiencies as roadblocks to college access, and are looking to preparation programs and parent educational resources as a subject worthy of consideration. There are many different challenges being faced by this

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3361 words - 13 pages Several decades ago Latina women started appearing in Hollywood films. The first few actresses to become known where Dolores del Rio, Rita Moreno, Lupe Velez, Carmen Miranda, Margarita Cansino, known as Rita Hayworth, and Katy Jurado. These women were able to make a name for themselves in a society in which ultimately Latina women where not quite welcomed. The discriminations they had to overcome and changes they had to undergo to obtain


984 words - 4 pages feelings through difficult and easy times. In Papelitos Guardados: Theorizing Latinidades Through Testmonio by Latina Feminist Group, they discuss how papelitos guardados are stories tucked away that have been written and stored in secret places ready to be revealed (Latina Feminist Group, 1). These papelitos guardados provide these women with the chance to reflect back and remember their experiences by telling their testimonios. Testimonios help one

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1360 words - 6 pages laws and politics can often affect immigrants of other cultures in a different way virtually having an inversion positive result. The lives of the immigrant Latina women seeking opportunity and education in California compared to the immigrant Iranian women seeking liberation from traditional oppressive life of Iran proves an impeccable example of this. The politics on the immigration of Latina women have imposed an inhibition on their ability

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1174 words - 5 pages eating disorders. Many women experience conflicting beauty expectations while growing up, in this case Latina women are the target. In the U.S. culture, the beauty expectations promotes thin figures while the traditional Latino culture embraces a curvier body type (Franko et al., 2013). There are controversial messages that are directed toward Latina women to stay true to your curvy Latina culture but be thin to match the mainstream body ideals for

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2608 words - 10 pages characters, Maria and Anita, in the musical West Side Story, which chronicles the happenings inside a Puerto Rican gang. Maria, played by Natalie Wood, is the sister of the gang leader. Natalie Wood was not a Latina actress, but born an American in California to Russian parents. She is a very naïve, beautiful Latina, who can not help falling in love with a rival Caucasian gang member. Maria, the name which was derived from the European Virgin

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955 words - 4 pages seven years, I still consider Panama my home. Sometimes I wonder if it’s wrong to call myself a Latina, if I’m just desperately trying to hold onto a part of my life that I don’t have anymore because I no longer live in Panama. I even feel somewhat fake calling myself Latina just because my father is Panamanian, even though it is a valid reason to do so; to me, having Latino blood doesn’t make up for the fact that my Spanish has gotten more than a

Examining the Latino Population in the US through Two Films: Quinceañera and Spanglish

2469 words - 10 pages immigrants as depriving American citizens of jobs and as welfare-seekers. A common misconception that has been used in films is that immigrants, especially Latino work as servants doing menial jobs in order to achieve upward mobility in the society. According to Brayton, there were constant association between the Latina immigrant population and domestic labor is made in films. However, this should not be reason enough to stereotype a whole

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586 words - 3 pages Are Latina Women Treated With Respect? Is respect naturally given to a group or individual based on their race? Throughout the world, societies make presumptions about a person based on their cultural background, such as the idea that Latina women are often ill-tempered. These assumptions, or stereotypes, are widely spread today through media such as t.v., and social networking. In the essay “The Myth… Maria," Judith Cofer brings forth the idea

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518 words - 2 pages "The Myth of the Latin Woman"The set pieces in this essay are the bus, the hotel lobby, and the boat restaurant that Judith visits throughout her journey. At the bus she is being stereotyped as nice, naïve but at the same time as being dumb just for being a Latina. She takes everything with a smile. Even though, this is done in a comic way; which doesn't seem too harsh but still hurts her feelings because everyone is laughing at her. At

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689 words - 3 pages A Report on "Belief Matters: Cultural Beliefs and the use of Cervical Cancer-Screening Tests." by Chavez, McMullin, Mishra, Hubbell in The Journal of the America Anthropological Assoc., Volume 4, 2001, 1114-11127.This article examines different cultural and behavioral beliefs in Latina women that may affect their use of medical services, primarily with Pap exams and the risk factors of cervical cancer. Their objective was to use two different

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568 words - 2 pages Hondagneu-Sotelo, outlines how the American legacy of occupational racialization has progressed, focusing on immigrant Latina women in Los Angeles. The author concentrates mainly on the views and experiences of the common domestic labor of these immigrant women, which is categorized into three titles: live-in nannies/Housekeepers, live-out nannies/housekeepers, and housecleaners. An historical pattern of racialized labor can be drawn from the Asian