Laugh Is Healthy L Augh Usually Is The Best Medicine For Us, Cheap And Simple

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CONCLUSIONINTRODUCTIONBODYI. HOW IT WORKS?II. HOW ABOUT THE BENEFITS?III. HOW ABOUT THE S THE OUTLINE TRESS PROBLEM?REFERENCESINTRODUCTION" Laugh is Healthy " goes an ancient saying, maybe you think that it's only a fool wise word, but wait until you read this paper, I guarantee you will immediately learn to stretching your laughing nerve. So simple because we already doit when 4 months baby ages." Can you laugh at least 10 minute a day ? " Norman Cousins a health psychologist said on his book Anatomy of an Illness. On that book he quote a filsuf study that take a humor on medical world.Cousins also show us how he can recover from hard disease and become healthy and normal again. His main medication is laugh on the high dosage. Cousins believe that his serious way on facing his life faster the process of his illness and finally decided that he can fix that condition with laugh. He watched Marx Brothers film and Candid Camera video until the symptom has gone. He proved what people had been talking about for years " Laughter is the best medicine " ( Cousins 1979 )Cousins even try to cure a patient with laughing recipe to build the spirit of life. It turned out that laugh not only reduced the pain, but also made the patient body healthier. To made someone laugh of course we need some stimulus like comedy channels on TV, a full humor book, comedy VCD or else.Looking from the result of his therapy Cousins was sure that laugh can lengthen the age and help to cure the illness, although that observation was not scientifically proven.So, are you curious enough about this topic? Let's find the answer on this paper why laugh means a lot for our health, how it works, how about the benefits and I will give you several tips to solve the stress problem.B O D YHOW IT WORK ?Can we get our blood pumping without wearing out our running shoes ? Yes we can, just laugh it of ! Lee Berk, a prominent humor researcher, says, " Mirthful laughter is like taking an internal jog." That's because the heart rate elevates, blood Maybe it related with Marianne Dolau opinion: Laughing related with one of the brain substance on endorphin group. This substance has an effect to control the vitality of emotion and ready to protect for the next 24 hour." We already separate pressure increases, muscles contract and oxygen levels risethe 23 of endorphin and only observe the one of it especially for laughing and humor that named delyoson. One amazing thing about delyoson is it will covered the body for the next 12 hour if someone laugh 15 minutes a day " Dolau said. The practical benefits from Dolau research is: if someone has 15 minutes on one day to laugh he or she will be free from headache, lower the blood pressure 10-20 point, not only that, the pulse which is too fast will be down. How it works maybe related with more oxygen that can enter the lungs. People who have a big laugh will be easier to breathe because laughing releases dirty air faster from the body and replace it with...


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