Launch Of New Product – Weight Loss Optimizer Wgu C204 Assignment

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C204 - Management Communication
Task 2

A: I have chosen “Scenario one”
Subject: Launch of new product – Weight Loss Optimizer

Dear Colleagues
As you may have overheard, our organization has acquired another organization and we will provide our customers with a brand-new product named Weight Loss Optimizer. This product is something we are extremely passionate about and it will be a magnificent supplement to the other products we provide to our customers. We will be having a meeting on Tuesday, August 29, 2017 to discuss in depth the details of this new product. Further I have covered features of this amazing product and emphasized the benefits and drawbacks about this supplement, so that you all can be well prepared to join in the conversation and raise any queries you might have.

Weight Loss Optimizer Advantages:
1. Every participant in this research study lost weight by make use of this product and capable of holding on to their weight loss with the ongoing use of the Weight Loss Optimizer. As you are all aware, several of our customers are struggling to keep their weight loss. This will be a main selling point to market this product and this gives us an exceptional edge over other weight loss products on the market
2. The research study shows that 90% of participants can lose fifteen pulse pounds by taking this pill. This demonstrates to our customers that this product is allowing individuals to lose a remarkable quantity of weight by using this.
Weight Loss Optimizer Disadvantages:
1. The research study shows 10% of participants were unable to lose 15 or more pounds. This could be drawback for us, and competitors may make claim that our product has a 10% fail rate and it is waste of money for the customers who want to try this product. We can mitigate these drawbacks by making sure customers are aware on the facts of the study. It is vital to acknowledge that 10% of participants in the research study didn’t lose the essential fifteen or more pounds weight, but they lose some weight, so it can’t be named as failed product, when participants really lose some weight. Moreover, it is uncertain even if or not those participants really followed the program as advised. It is also understood that the participants weren’t under surveillance and there is no way of verifying that they actually followed the program as it should be.

2. The second drawback is the possible customer disfavor of the product. We strive to satisfy our customers 100% of the time, but that isn’t always possible in real life. To mitigate this risk, we will provide the facts about the product and also provide in-depth clarifications of the research study results. We will also frequently follow up with our customers about their progress - those that are using the new product. This will help us to get their feedback about the product regularly and diffuse any dissatisfaction with the product before the complaints go public. By clarifying customers...

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