Launching A Movie Successfully Essay

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Launching a Movie Successfully

Movie marketing plays a crucial role in launching movies, although it
can be expensive and is often a significant part of the entire movie
cost. It is important to understand some insights of movies marketing.
In this report, there are five questions to be answered respectively.
Firstly, we will identify some key factors in launching a movie
successfully. Secondly, the different promotional methods in launching
movies will be evaluated and commenting on their efficiency and
effectiveness. Thirdly, the role of critics in movie marketing will be
discussed. After that, we will discuss the reasons of marketers for
investing vast sums of money in movie product placement. Finally, the
risks associated with movie product placement will be discussed.

2. Key factors in launching a movie successfully

When a new movie is made, it has to be advertised like any other new
product, to attract and encourage people to go to the cinema to see
it. The more people go to see it, the more successful the movie is.
What are key factors in launching a movie successfully? The answer is
creating an effective movie marketing campaign for it. The way in
which a film is promoted can have a huge effect on whether or not it
is successful (Film Education, 2003). There are several things
marketers need to do as follows[1]: identifying target audiences;
grassroots marketing, publicity and promotion; building additional
marketability into your property; the festival circuit; pitching and
working with the media; creating the materials needed to sell and
market your film and how to finance and get your project made and

2.1 Identifying target audiences

When a film is being marketed, researchers need to identify who the
film's target audience is - in other words, which people will
particularly enjoy the film. The target audiences for the majority of
films are the 'heavy cinema goers', i.e. 'Finding Nemo' marketing
campaign will mainly target 7-15 years old children.

2.2 Publicity

There are four of publicity including poster and artwork, the press
kit, star interviews and trailer which play ancillary roles in
launching a movie successfully. Firstly, the poster campaign is the
primary medium for selling a film, and will generally start in the
early stages of a film's production and continue during the weeks
building up to the release. The objective of this is to find a
'narrative image' that sums up the film.[2] Secondly, Press kits are
sent to journalists all over the country to give them information
about forthcoming films. The trailers can be used in the cinema around
six weeks before the release of a film shows at the cinema. It aims
to: raise audience awareness of a film by logging the film title in
their minds; give an overall impression of the film to...

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