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Laura Lynn Morris English 1102 Dr. Hornsby Spring 2002 Lust and Adultery in The Changeling Thomas Middleton's tragicomedy, The Changeling, can only be appropriately defined as a tough read. Among the plots and subplots you find characters displaying motives of lust and love, deceit and madness, infidelity and folly. Each line has an underlying meaning. Each underlying meaning carries a purpose. The reading objective is to find meaning and purpose in the play. If, and only if, you are successful in doing so, you will find a play that is, yes, subjective, but also fascinating. Act I, Scene I begins with Alsemero confiding in his servant, Jasperino. Alsemero is telling Jasperino of his deep infatuation with a young women of high royalty, Beatrice. Alsemero is very careful in his conversation with Jasperino to not speak of Beatrice lustfully, but to make certain that his so-called love for her is all for the right reasons. Alsemero says, "The place is holy, so is my intent: I love her beauties to the holy purpose, And that methinks, admits comparison with man's first creation, the place blest, and is his right home back, if he achieve it. The church hath first begun our interview, and that's the place must join us into one; so there's beginning, and perfection too" (Middleton. Act I, Scene I, Page 5). He emphasizes that if they are to be married the church will be the basis of their marriage. He adds, "I will keep the same church, same devotion" (Middleton. Act I, Scene I, Page 7). As well and good as Alsemero's plans of marriage to Beatrice may sound, it is not that easy. Beatrice's father has quite another life planned out for her. Alicante, the father, has elected Alonzo to be married to Beatrice and become his heir. Unsurprisingly, Beatrice is completely objective to the plans considering the fact that she despises Alonzo and in return supposedly in love with Alsemero. "Alonzo stands in the way of marrying Beatrice-Joanna and, within the scope of the play, becoming the rightful heir of Alicante. Alsemero's desire to marry Beatrice-Joanna and for the "restoration" of his status in the upper class are, in effect, one and the same. Alonzo impedes this desire, and Alsemero is willing to kill to remove the block" (Stockton 5). In Act II, Beatrice and Alsemero both goes as far as showing signs of madness to carry out their lustful desires. "The sexual desires of a women is the death weapon" (Stockton 5). It sounds exactly like it happened. "In the second act it is Alsemero who first thinks of killing Alonzo: Bea. How well were I now If there were none such name known as Piracquo, Nor no such tie as the command of parents! I should...

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