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Controlling The Spread Hiv And Aids Of Sexually Active People

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HIV is a well-known sexually transmitted disease that should be taken seriously when it comes to a sexually active person. Sex is natural parts of life so take steps to make sure you and your partner are safe. The first step for a sexually active person that would like to protect him or herself from obtaining HIV or AIDS disease is to learn about the disease in more detail. Knowing how the disease is spread and the symptoms could result in saving their life or others. The virus concentrates in blood and seminal fluid, although it is present in the vaginal secretions, and the most confident way to ensure you don’t come into contact with the HIV disease is to refrain from sexual intercourse and activities.
Never share needles, steroids, hormones and or any other drug that you may use. Be sure that you disinfect any needles that you personally use.
Items such as razors, toothbrushes, blades (cutting or scarring), and needles that are used for piercing or tattooing should never be shared with another individual. HIV is most often transmitted in three way: Sexual: genital, anal, or oral sexual contact with exposure of mucous membranes, Parenteral: sharing of needles or equipment contaminated with the HIV disease, and Perinatal: Unborn child coming into contact with infected body fluids, or from breast milk from mother to child.
You may hear about Safer-Sex options. These options should be your number one priority whether or not you are sexually active. Safer-sex is labeled as activities that have a lower risk of exchanging blood. Lowering those risks may include masturbation, kissing, oral sex with the proper protections, touching or massage, and the use of clean or disinfected sex toys. Other sexual behaviors can result in the contact with HIV. Millions that have had vaginal or anal intercourse without the protection with a condom have reported to come into contact with the HIV disease.
Symptoms may take more than 10 years, but for some people the symptoms may arise shortly after being infected. HIV is more likely to be transmitted from a infected male in an uninfected female. Most common HIV symptoms include swollen glands in the throat, armpit and or groin area. Developing a...

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