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Laurie Halse Anderson Essay

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Laurie Halse Anderson is a famous writer, who is mainly writing for teenagers and kids. She wrote many books, and received many awards for them. For her plots she’s tried to understand the hard life of teenagers, and sometimes kids to help them, by showing the problems and the way they can deal with them in her books. Like many famous people, she has a rather interesting life that is reflected in her books in a literary way. This essay is going to talk about her life, her family, and her work.Laurie Halse Anderson was born on October 23, 1961 in Potsdam, a place in Northern New York State. She was the daughter of Rev. Frank Halse and Joyce Holcomb Halse, and had a sister named Lisa. She was born Laurie Beth Halse. Her second grade teacher taught her writing during a haiku lesson. She read all the time. Historical fiction was her favourite when she was little, and as a teenager she loved science fiction and fantasy. She was awful at math, bad at chemistry, and so-so in biology. Well, this does not mean that anybody good in literature and bad in all other subjects will become famous writers one day. Anyhow this was exactly Laurie’s case. Let’s see how it happened to her. Despite the haiku, Laurie didn’t think she would be a writer, but a doctor. Throughout all her school years, she remained absolutely fascinated by foreign cultures and languages, and she put an effort to experience those in her real life. She lived as an exchange student on a pig farm in Denmark for thirteen months. She came home and worked for minimum wage at a clothing store, which quickly convinced her to go to college. She attended Onondaga Community College to graduate in two years. She worked on a dairy farm, milking cows, while at OCC. She transferred to Georgetown University in 1981 and graduated from there in 1984 with a B.S.L.L. in Languages and Linguistics. That was for her studies. But writers, even the most famous ones are still people and have their private life. And Laurie has not become famous yet.So, let’s see what was happening in her personal life of an ordinary person. She married Greg Anderson. In 1985 she gave birth to Stephanie Holcomb and in 1987, to Meredith Lauren. Laurie was diagnosed with melanoma in 2002 and was very scared. Fortunately, it was caught early and the doctors were able to remove it all (she now travels with a gallon of emergency back-up sunscreen and is forever scolding people who fry themselves). Greg and Laurie divorced, but figured out that it’s nicer to be buddies than to be hating on each other, so they’re still good friends. After her girls graduated from high school, Laurie moved home to Central New York to marry Scot Larrabee who had two daughters Jessica and Christian. Now, that her family is five kids (including her daughter Stephanie's son Alex), and a dog she has a happy life. She says that her best accomplishment was that she raised her kids to be good and descent people.It is still...

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