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Law And Order Injustice Essay

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America focuses on keeping the rich streets clean and the poor streets dirty with a sense of people of color will be placed in poor dangerous neighborhoods with violence and drugs. The news reporters every day file cases of police officers using their power to control and abuse the law by hurting citizens by their image of clothing and color of their skin. In “A Brother’s Murder” a journalist talks about his experience living in a poor neighborhood and how his brother tragically died in a city of crime. No it does not mean it is always out in the public there are cases where officers hide what they did and get away with it. The laws support the officers in their favor in trails depending on the state and how strong the evidence was for the victim. To make matters worse history repeats even in the twentieth century. The type of brutal injustice can go on more centuries because the blindness Americans have towards the issue. In “For My Indian Daughter” a father talks to his daughter in how the world will treat her because she is Native American. Lewis’s life has not been easy and he knows the pain his people including his daughter will face by giving his wisdom to carry on through bad times. Americans will focus more on their twitter updates than to start a peace club and expose the racism going on. The blindness will continue because of the fear of speaking out or the lack of opening pages in a history book. Racism still impacts American society today in the way law and order is carried out, or not carried out, for people of color.
In America, black and Latin people have to face fear from the law enforcement. The police are more likely to imprison black and Hispanic majorities by generalizing them by social environment reputation. Through time racism has been hidden but yet it is placed in people’s eyes every day. People may say, “Oh but wait there are many gang bangers Hispanic thugs, how could we not imprison them every day?” Well the real question is why do most people of color are shot or abused by police. It is the judgment society butchers and gives bad reputation according to people’s color of skin. According to UN News Center’s article on the Trayvon Martin case there is a tragic issue being drawn by explaining, “Mr. Zimmerman, who argues that he acted in self-defense and with justifiable use of deadly force, was found not guilty of all charges against him” (6). The case was based on a rate of one to ten in how guilty Zimmerman was in the death of Trayvon Martin. Many Hispanic and black people every year are thrown into jail for being accused of a crime they did not commit. In “Development and Validation of the African American Men’s Gendered Racism Stress Inventory “ article it mentions all the stress racism causes the black culture. For example, “One example of a racial microaggression is a White woman shifting a purse to the opposite side as a Black man approaches” (Sue et al 1). This is a big issue America has not taken action. There...

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