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Law Breakers: The Cost Of Illegal Immigrants

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The United States began its life a wild untamed land; due to the strong work ethic and perseverance of immigrants it has become the country we see today. But in this vast amount of time between the immigrants of 21st century and those of the past what has changed the effects people see immigrants as having. The Native Americans in the 1800s saw people immigrating to their lands as unnecessary pest and not people who would one day help the country grow and thrive. Just as today many Americans view illegal immigrants, people who come into a country illegally without proper documentation, as burdens on the country not realizing for every negative they offer they also have a positive. Also, many do not realize that no American other than Native Americans have ancestors who were not once illegal unwanted immigrants onto this land. Illegal immigrants not only burden but help the United States they take the jobs that Americans feel to privileged to work; they help increase the United States Gross Domestic Product, and immigrants are willing to work for very little; on the other hand, illegals cost the United States money on welfare, health care, and educating their children.
The citizens of the United States have grown accustomed to certain luxuries and living lives of privilege in contrast to people of other countries. Many Americans feel as though they are above doing certain jobs such as picking fruit in fields, washing dishes in restaurants, and other low paying unskilled jobs. “Of the roughly one-million farm workers in the United States, most are immigrants, and an estimated one-quarter to one-half of them are illegal” (Baragona, “US Farmers Depend on Illegal Immigrants”). Some argue that Americans want these jobs like farm work that the illegals take, this holds very little no truth especially since many of todays unemployed Americans have degrees “…the United Farm Workers union launched a campaign offering to connect unemployed people to farm jobs, only three people accepted – out of thousands of inquires”(Baragona). If the American people were more interested in having a job and not worrying about the field of work more people would have applied for the farm hand positions. In the United States ones field of work determines both their social class and socioeconomic status. Everyone wants to be of hire class or at least middle class and live a comfortable life but everyone does not have the monetary ability to do so. People see the ones who work these unskilled jobs as lesser than or the indigent. Also these jobs have competition for gaining American employees with unemployment payments that many receive. The average American working one of these types of jobs would make approximately $7.25 an hour the Federal Minimum wage rate whereas receiving unemployment payments they could make somewhere between 300 and 900 dollars a month (Meisner and Lemmon).
Illegal immigrants help increase the Gross Domestic Product of the United States....

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